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Friday, October 17, 2008
High School Musical Gala Premiere!

    Maybe its kinda late for me to do this now. But its worth the try! In collaboration with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Singapore, Nuffnang is holding a movie screening of High School Musical 3 exclusively for Nuffnangers. (I plagiarized this sentence)

    So the first step, I need to post a pic of HSM3 in my blog.

Step 1, done.

    Step 2, I have to share my graduation experience. Well, I blogged about my graduation here already. To summarize it, it is such a pleasant experience. Knowing that I don't need to spend another single seconds facing the exams is such a wonderful feeling. But knowing that I need to step into the working world makes me nervous.

Don't bother looking for me, you can't find me

    The cap throwing ceremony is a must for any graduation. For those who have gone through it, I understand how sweet it can be. For those who have yet to go through it, believe me... It will be a superb experience.

If still not satisfy, you can throw again on your own. ^_^

    Step 2, done. So, Nuffnang is giving away tickets for the movie. Hmmm, the third and final step surely must be...

    Catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24!

Posted at 12:01 am by Josh524

October 24, 2008   09:54 AM PDT
Crystabel - Just for the fun of throwing it. XD
October 18, 2008   05:18 PM PDT
"If still not satisfy, you can throw again on your own"... haha. but what's the point?
October 17, 2008   09:19 PM PDT
BLue - its not like I am 100% going to win it right? XD
October 17, 2008   06:06 PM PDT
before the movie we makan KFC, right?

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