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Sunday, October 19, 2008
I love Nuffnang Chatbox seriously...

     Nuffnang without the chatbox is like a human without soul. Through, Nuffnang Chatbox (NNCB, not KNNCCB ok...), I get to know and interact with all of the bloggers. Now I am happy to say that I am very close to some bloggers already.

    If we are not chatting in NNCB, we will be conferecing through MSN. Currently(yes, right now), we are conferencing involving alot of bloggers... Seriously, I am laughing so hard that my neighbours might call the cops for noise disturbance. XD

A part of the MSN Window...

    See lar, too many participant until my DP got cut off...We chat about almost everything ranging from general issues, pure crapping and of course, bitching about all the other bloggers. Haha...

    How can I not LOVE Nuffnang? Without Nuffnang, I couldn't know this bunch of crazy fellas. ^_^ To everyone whois involve, I know you all enjoying bitching around. Hehe...

Posted at 01:00 am by Josh524

October 22, 2008   09:19 AM PDT
gregorule - Hehe, this is diff from Innit chatting bro. ^_^

Jeannie - J4 dotty, no worries. I will update you anything that you have missed out. ^_^
October 21, 2008   10:07 PM PDT
walao wei....
you guys actually print screen mia while chatting?
efficient betui this J2 Daddy.
I can't even catch up some of the times while we were MSN conferencing. HAHAHAH...!!!
October 20, 2008   12:21 PM PDT
wah, din add me in @__@
October 20, 2008   10:42 AM PDT
e!D [TeaSeRS] - Thanks!

spectre - u were busy attending events at hell ok?

BLue - you are not online that time.

tzeLih - ah... not all girls lar got guys also lar... ^_^
October 19, 2008   10:28 PM PDT
all girls lahh..nvr call me also..
October 19, 2008   09:49 PM PDT
how come i'm not around??? :(
October 19, 2008   08:18 PM PDT
U go msn and never call spectre c4 together isk isk
Re!D [TeaSeRS]
October 19, 2008   08:01 PM PDT
nce post dude...!!!
October 19, 2008   03:15 PM PDT
JunJun-Riko - We all know lar k? We all know. XD

jessT - J1, you pun sama kan? Hehe

-c@nEy- yes! and maybe someone will report us to Hospital Bahagia. XD

Ying Yang - U kena caught is it ?XD

boris - Yes there is, just on the right of the Innit page.

Jordan - ei, I networking with them thru Nuffnang Chatbox mar. You can do that too. Hehe
October 19, 2008   12:05 PM PDT
bloody JOSH its you again man. Eh next time intro me to the rest larhz.


p/s: how come is they mostly gals in ur screenshot?
October 19, 2008   09:53 AM PDT
there's a nuffnang chatroom? where???? can you tell me the link maybe i could find some online friends there thanks :)
Ying Yang
October 19, 2008   01:23 AM PDT
tsk tsk kena caught
October 19, 2008   01:20 AM PDT
hahaha...we bitch n laugh n cry...
October 19, 2008   01:13 AM PDT
shit u wtf u omfg u... my reputation... i don't bitch ok....

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