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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
~'~ Night Outting Marathon ~'~

    Wow, first time in my entire life that I went out until DAMN LATE for 3 consecutive nights... Here I would like to thank you in advance to Mr. Koh Kok Wei and Mr. Kong Pak Chew for siowing with me for that 3 days period. LOL


    Wednesday night, Kok Wei ajak me to clubbing. I say why not? LOL... After that, we call Pak Chew and he was sooooooooo surprised that we are so ON and HAP. (FYI, ON means agreed and HAP is short form for happening)

    Went to Maison on Wednesday night... My fourth time clubbing!!! But er... SMALLER crowd compare to other days loo. Everyone was like... sitting and chilling out rather than partying on the dance floor. It is not that HAP as I expected it to be, since Kok Wei say there will be MANY PPL there. But anyway, get to drink and meet new ppl and chit chat around.

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    Went to Mardi Gras in 1U. Once again, Pak Chew was impressed by my and Kok Wei's ONness and HAPness. Ladies night wei~~~ So I thought got many ppl de... Well, once again I was dissapointed. There is not much ppl there. But a point to notice is that there is this dancing podium... SHOWERED WITH WATER!!!

The bar itself

Two very daring girls dancing on the water podium

Along come some guys...

    Well, memang first time see people like dance like this. The place was starting to become less merrier when the girls come down from the podium. So... we leave that place quite early, about 1am ++



    On the third day of HAPness, the three of us went Genting~ Thought asking for 'donation' from Mr. Lim de... Mana tau in return we donated to him. Nevermind la, I am not the biggest donor of the night. Tongue

Both of them donated more than me

The donors thinking back of the 'charity event'

Not really proud, but then its my first time to the casino. ^_^

    Club, pub and casino... 'been there, done that' in 3days. Really a new personal record. Thanks to the two siow ppl who were willingly to go crazy with me. LOL...

Posted at 05:12 pm by Josh524


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