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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Female artist that I idolize throughout my life

    I come from the time where ballads and boybands were conquering the charts. Right now the flow have been shift to the R&B side. In between the boyband and the R&B zone, some female solo artist have caught my attention. Yes, I am a guy after all and call me horny or whatever I am still going to cover up only the female solo artist. ^_^


    Ever heard of Natalie Imbruglia? She first came out in 1998 with her hit single "Torn". AND no... she's not on my idol list. i actually prefer another Swedish singer who came out roughly the same time as she does. Her name is Robyn, a somehow underdog compare to Natalie. Since last time CD was a new thing, I bought her cassette. I repeatedly playing her hit single "Show Me Love" over and over again. Since its a cassette, I guess you all can imagine how hard it is for me to rewind and play again... I got fed up and bought another empty cassette to record the whole cassette with Show Me Love. ^_^

Billie Piper

    After Robyn, along came... Billie Piper. With her sweet girl next door image and a catchy debut single "Because We Want To", I fancied her ever since. Her follow up single, "Girlfriend" and "She Wants You" are my favourites too. Sad to say that only her first album was a huge success. Her follow up albums were not up to expectation and soon she faded out from the music scene, focusing her career on acting. She had gained acting fame by playing a major part in the Doctor Who series, which I have yet to watch a single second of it.

Mandy Moore

    Then along come the Britney and Christina era. Once again, I am not a fan of either. I prefer yet another underdog during that time, Mandy Moore. Another teen pop sensation, her debut hit "Candy" attracts me... At first, I thought she was kinda bitchy in her "Candy" video. But later on i eventually like all her songs. She didn't stick long to the music industry though. You can catch her in some movies, but most of them are only release in the US. Oh, and I cried watching her first movie, "A walk to remember"

Samantha Mumba

    And of course, there's Samantha Mumba. I won her first album through some "call in and answer question" contest organize by a local Malaysia radio station. Among all, i think I like "Always Come Back To Your Love" the most. Catchy tune and of course, vocals that stand out from the rest. Too bad her fame doesn't last very long though... Sad case... Now she's nowhere to be seen...

Jolin Tsai

Cyndi Wang

    When R&B songs took over the western music, I started to fancy Chinese singer more. I remember that during my college time, I fancied Jolin and Cyndi. With Jolin's Shuo Ai Ni and Cyndi's Ai Ni, my roommate at that time simply can't stand me. I keep on repeating the two songs above and watch their MV for... many times. And my roommate call me crazy fan of Jolin... AND our bunch of friends imitate Cyndi's Ai ni dance routine. Imagine, guys dance along with Ai Ni, damn gay right? XD

Jin Sha

    As of today, I idolized Jin Sha. You can see how infamous she is since even wikipedia does not contain any information about her. Well, she is also known as JJ Lin's duet partner in the music scene since they both work together on abour 4 or 5 duets up to date. She released 4 albums so far if I remember correctly. Some of the reccomended songs are Bu Ke Se Yi, Da Xiao Jie, and Wo Jie Yi. She seriously is so cute!!! ^_^

    Bear in mind that this are the female solo artist that I idolized or currently idolizing for at least a year. Rihanna, Kat Deluna, Lady Soveirgn, INA does not come into this category since I only like some of their songs, not really idolize them. ^_^

Posted at 01:53 pm by Josh524

October 27, 2008   03:55 PM PDT
Crystabel - Yap, "A Walk To Remember" is indeed very wonderful. I am now in Singapore, but not a Singaporean though. ^_^
October 24, 2008   11:01 AM PDT
'A walk to remember' is an awesome movie!!! The songs from the movie are pretty meaningful themselves. yup, and dropping by too! =) from singapore?
October 24, 2008   11:01 AM PDT
'A walk to remember' is an awesome movie!!! The songs from the movie are pretty meaningful themselves. yup, and dropping by too! =) from singapore?
October 22, 2008   09:21 AM PDT
spectre - Of all the place, you must look at the very big part is it? XD

Jordan - Now that you mentioned, I think its kinda true. ^_^

jessie - Where got sexy? Its very decent already ok?

Ben - Josh not horny. Remember, the post is about female artist. Not male artist. ^_^
October 22, 2008   12:58 AM PDT
So many girlsssss. Joshie isssss horny!!!!
October 21, 2008   03:37 PM PDT
The first picture, I thought she really resembles Charlise Theron from Aeon Flux.

I love her, I admit that XD
October 21, 2008   02:51 PM PDT
why all the pic has *ahem* part very big one! XD this josh is isk! isk!

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