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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
ATTENTION: This is NOT a Nuffnang gathering

    I bet that alot of frequent innit users are aware that there is a Nuffnang blogger gathering this coming week right?The truth is... YOU ALL GOT IT WRONG!!!

    The so-called gathering this coming week have nothing to do with Nuffnang. I repeat, NOTHING to do with Nuffnang. Nuffnang is NOT going to sponsor our food. Nuffnang is NOT going to sponsor our drinks. Nuffnang is NOT going to sponsor our travel tickets. Nuffnang is NOT going to sponsor our petrol. Nuffnang is NOT going to going to sponsor anything! The only thing that Nuffnang help is set up the Innit chatbox or else there won't even be any outing for this week. ^_^

I repeat, Nuffnang is not going to be involve in any way

    I guess most of you guys read about close invites or only invited bloggers only. You see... Those term are kinda, incorrect. It is NOT an event. It shouldn't even have any invites thingie in the first place... It is just a bunch of friend meeting up and we so happen to know each other through innit. Thus some of us might call it as "Innit bloggers meeting", which eventually cause alot of misunderstanding...

Not a Nuffnang Event!!!

    I know that there is alot bloggers are interested to join us. BUT, this is not an event like what Nuffnang organize. AND We are not trying to isolate our group from any other people. For those Nuffnang newcomers, I know how eager you are to meet another fellow bloggers. Believe me, I been through your situation before too. But, I am sorry to say that this is more like a friends outing rather than a blogger gathering.

    Whats the different? Blogger gathering can happen even when you have a bunch of bloggers who don't know each other. For friends outing, we actually know each other more than just knowing each other blog. Be it through MSN, webcam, or phone call. We bonded so well that we can be consider as more than blogging friends. We know each other secrets, inside jokes, and of course personal issues that is not suitable to be talk about in innit.

    Initially, this outing was for about 3 or 4 bloggers. After about a month and half discussion, end up there is going to be about 15 bloggers. Any more than that might causes the big group to break into smaller groups, AND we don't want that to happen. Breaking down into smaller group is nothing different than going out in a smaller group on a different date.

    So for those who are not involve, don't feel sad or anything. Its just that it takes time to be more than blogging friends with one another. Close friends does not happen overnight. Thats all I can say. To those who are going on this weekend, I seriosuly can't wait to meet you guys in person after chatting online for so long! ^_^

Posted at 08:37 pm by Josh524

October 24, 2008   09:42 AM PDT
Not Diese - No need cry lar. Just some meet up only. Ehehe

Soon Seng - Dunno. If I almost get lost i call you lar. ^_^
Soon Seng
October 24, 2008   12:14 AM PDT
Josh: Sure can find your way? Won't get lost?
October 23, 2008   09:49 AM PDT
Diese - You so proctetive of me... Haha... No worries lar, Chris will be wasted first. XD
October 23, 2008   09:45 AM PDT
Name? - Why duwan put EV? haha... Nolar, I am not mad. More to very exciting! ^_^
October 23, 2008   02:07 AM PDT
haha.... calm down la josh.. =P i think everybody will get the point
October 22, 2008   11:51 PM PDT
CathyC - WTF... u still wanna kidnap me... I seduce OMG then u noe... XD

anoynomous - I never say anything about not welcoming anyone. Just that I feel the level of interaction will be reduced if there's is too many people. Don't mean to offense anyone in anyway.
October 22, 2008   11:40 PM PDT
wah lau...so arrogant ah u...if you dont wanna invite others is ok lah...i have no issues with that....but dont write like that..you will discourage others...You make it seem that you wanna repel people that you consider "undesirable"
October 22, 2008   11:08 PM PDT
HAHAHA..Josh, calm down..lang ching tit tit okay =)
Sunday, you are so..... gonna get kidnapped by me...XD
October 22, 2008   10:59 PM PDT
jessie - Yes yes.. huggles. ^_^

Jordan - Not saying it was you ler. XD

venessa - traitor. duwan come on the first day. XD

Chris Thoo - I will be waiting Chris. I will be. XD
October 22, 2008   08:56 PM PDT
ayee. i cant wait for sunday either! yayyy! hahah.

October 22, 2008   08:47 PM PDT
Haha. Who said Nuffnang was in this ?

Wasn't me. Lol

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