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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
A Brief Preview for 25th and 26th October 2008

    Yes, so the weekend was over and I still can't believe that its over. Sob sob... Happy times do past by very fast... Its been a lot of fun hanging around with you guys. From chatting in Innit, to MSN chats, to real life friend. How we get to know each other is so unbelievable. And I am starting to miss every single moments we had together. ^_^

    Well, we went to MOS Euphoria on Saturday night. And as usual, yours truly don't know the way to the place. What to do? I am from Kampung Kajang, an ulu ulu place and I don't know tat MOS is actually within walking distance from Sunway Pyramid. -_-|||

Caney helped me by guding me where to park. ^_^

In da Club with Jess

Jess & Josh one more time. ^_^

    Well, more info bout the clubbing session later on when I get da pics. All I can say is that someone got very tipsy and something unexpected happened. XD

    Moving on to Sunday, we had dinner in TGIF, The Curve. We spent time mixing around with each other. Talk bout stuffs here and there. We all seems to gel well as if we were long friends that finally met after so many years. ^_^

We spent time gaying around

And taking proper pics. ^_^

    Sad to say that I do not have alot of pics together with me. As I am using a camera phone only compare to other peeps DSLR and Cybershot camera. So they snapped more pics than me and the pics will be 100% better than mine. XD

    Lepak until the wee hours in the morning for those 2 days. Very happy to get to know you guys and girls a step closer. I would like to thanks the following for making this outing a success. Me a.k.a. Josh, Jess, Fimelime, Jeannie, Caney, Chris, Cathyc, Diese, Rui, Ven, Cheez, OMG, DSX, EV and W3. I have already link all of you! ^_^

Posted at 08:58 am by Josh524

October 31, 2008   11:01 AM PDT
kelvin - YES YOU ARE!!! XD

ahKOK - Ah... I assume you been gayer than me before? Hehe...

venessa - Thats my intention mar. Gay with every guy. XD
October 30, 2008   02:41 PM PDT
u go KL only to gay with our boyfriends...hais. nvm me & cathy les too xD xD
October 30, 2008   02:49 AM PDT
wetwetwater is not ghei! RAWR!!
October 30, 2008   12:31 AM PDT
jessie - Ehehe, return hugsssss

tzeLih - We did 7-some that night. XD

DiEsE - Your camera better than mine can d. XD

spectre - You miss out all da gay fun. Haha

krawx - me & tw gay tag team can beat anyone. XD

CathyC - And I had fun seeing u gay around with my honey. WTF...

tw - We are da gayest! Oh yea!
October 29, 2008   07:40 PM PDT
woooohooo.. who's da GAY!!!! WE ARE!!!
October 29, 2008   06:12 PM PDT
omfg..ewww...I see gay..wtf wtf..lols...had a great chat with you guys too..hahaha..and had fun seeing u gaying with my bf..wtf
October 29, 2008   05:03 PM PDT
tw = super gay.. no one beats him i think.. LOLz
October 29, 2008   02:51 PM PDT
wah sai GAY NESS AT 1000000 @@ at last picture ! XD
October 29, 2008   02:46 PM PDT
mann...wan 4some ?

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