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Sunday, November 02, 2008
Euphoria for da first time!

    So here is my long overdue post. I went to MOS Euphoria for the first time!!! This is the first time ever I met the bloggers that I chatted online for months! So damn excited!!! The list of attendees? Me a.k.a. Josh, Jess, Fimelime, Jeannie, Caney, ChrisDiese and Rui. ^_^

MOS: Euphoria, here I am!!!

Yes yes, me not dreaming. I am in Euphoria!!!

    Well, a group of 8 including me jakunly stepped into MOS for the first time. Chris been here before, so minus 1 jakun fella. So what you get when you put a bunch of friends who met through blogging together? Lots of cameras of course!!!

First angle

Second angle

First angle

Second angle

    Most of us are meeting for the first time. At first, I wonder how it will go since we are so damn close virtually but in real life... There might be some differences. Anyway, to start off... We have the compulsory gay photo!

Me, Rui & Chris gaying with each other. ^_^

    Sorry to those who are eating while reading this. Please don't vomit okay? Well, continue on to the normal photos. Chris is acting innocent as if the girls are bullying him. Actually, deep in his heart... I know he is enjoying every single moment of it. XD

Chris very good at making faces. XD

    See lar, alot of same photos from different angle. Bloggers are seriously photo hunters. XD Well, we took a bottle of Chivas and Vodka. And hor, SOME people seems so normal before they drink. When they started to drink even more, they got high and started talking funny funny stuffs. And sometime act cute also. No worries, to the high-ed state people, your secret is safe with me, and the rest during the clubbing night. ^_^

Me with J1, Jessie

Most complete group photo that I can find...

    Its been a great experience first time clubbing with you all. Had tons of fun. And looking forward for such outing again! ^_^

Posted at 07:25 pm by Josh524

November 7, 2008   11:03 PM PST
Bernard - Ehehe, next time u go MOS, I go MOF k? XD

carrie - Thanks for dropping by! ^_^
November 6, 2008   04:26 PM PST
hihi... wat a fun gathering..... enjoy reading ur post
November 4, 2008   12:40 PM PST
U go MOS
I go MOF!!!
November 4, 2008   08:39 AM PST
jessie - Thats why I say its the most complete photo i can find. XD

-c@nEy- Er... Seriously, I only have this as the 'most complete' group photo. Maybe others the complete wan but i didn't get yet?

Chris Thoo - Saddap Chris. You go SS with your faces. XD

CathyC - Heartless, soon k? TGIF update coming soon. ^_^
November 2, 2008   10:20 PM PST
waaa..update on MOS only..blekk
November 2, 2008   08:15 PM PST
....and me too jess T.T

josh so bad =( BOO!!!

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