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Friday, November 07, 2008
The long awaited updates on The Outing

    So yeah... Its been 2 weeks and I still haven't update anything yet about the outing. What to do, I didn't get the pics until recently. This is what I get for not having a camera myself. But its better late than no updates right? ^_^

Camera is a compulsory equipment during the outing. ^_^

    On Sunday 26th Oct 2008, me and Anis aka Diese headed to 1U to meet the others. Rui da lui, Caney, J1 Jess, J3 June and J4 Jean were already there. So what else would bloggers do? Take photos of course.

Rui as da cameraman

    Then along came darling OMG and the heartless Cathy. We decided to head to the arcade while waiting for Chris da duduman, Cheez my gay partner and Ven. Went to the arcade for DDR, but there's no DDR... So proceed along to snap pics nonstop lor...

Guess who's together with who?

Die die cannot imagine we are da gay and les couple le? XD

    It was a joke anyway. So yeah, chill in the Glitters cafe for awhile. Indirectly, it was da day of the battle between the les and the gay. And I must say this... I think the guys act as gay were far more succesful than the les. XD

Da gays~

Da les~

    So far what you all think? Of course the guys is leading right? After some gaying and lesing time, off we go to TGIF for dinner. DSX aka another gay partner and EV meet us in TGIF while w3 aka Kelvin arrived when we are having our desserts. ^_^

Us in TGIF, the loudest bunch around. ^_^

One of the better looking me in group photos. XD

    While having our dinner, suddenly dunno who shouted "OMFG!!! JOSH U ARE IN DA TV!!!" I was like huh? How come? Is my gay gathering being discovered by the public? Then hor... They say this race driver looks like me. Or rather I look like him? Forgotten...

Look alike meh? I don't think so lor...

    Anyway, I proceed to gay around with whoever I can find.

Chris, don't be shy... I know you want it. XD

Kiss Kiss with OMG


    So after the dinner, we proceed to the fountain area to take more photos. We were very noisy then that a lot of passer gave us the WTF look.

The normal pics, dunno where DSX went to gay...

The Jay Cube family~

The les~

The gay~

    Honestly speaking, I think the guys totally pawned the girl in term of geli-ness. XD Finally, the compulsory group photo!

Family photo stolen from Jess

Top Left to right:
, DSX, Josh, OMG

Middle Left to right:
, Ven, Cathyc, Evelyn, Caney, Diese, June, Jeannie

Front Left to right:
Chris, Kelvin, Rui

Posted at 09:55 pm by Josh524

November 11, 2008   05:41 PM PST
Jordan - Haha, we got the chance in the upcoming blood donatin by NN. ^_^
November 9, 2008   10:12 PM PST
I feel for myself lol, for not being there.

Besides, wth are you doing in KL!


i should get to know the others.. owh.
November 9, 2008   06:52 PM PST
jessie - All the photo editing makes this post late. ^_^

CathyC - WTF?!?! I family breaker? Its ur son n husband will to gay around with me ok? XD

Chris Thoo - Sama sama Chris. ^_^

DiEsE - Thanks for the compliment? I guess. XD

-c@nEy- We will all be waiting for your post. ^_^
November 8, 2008   02:36 PM PST
good one...i m gonna be super late...wait for me ok...
November 7, 2008   11:10 PM PST
I was laughing at the guess the couple..wtf..hahhaha...i hate u josh...u family breaker..!!

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