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Thursday, November 20, 2008
A short Penang trip.

    Dear josh524.blogdrive.com,

    Recently it seems like me, your author have abandoned you for 2 weeks. This is due to my celaka work commitment and some other stuffs. I have been busy with works, photoshopping a voucher, chatting in MSN, SMS-ing, Skype-ing and phone calling. No outing or whatsoever until RECENTLY, where I am on a business trip to Penang to meet a VIP. ^_^

    I will skip my work part for two reasons. First, it will be damn boring to read about me describing my work especially the technical part. Second, I will be indirectly leaking out company's information if I am to blog bout my work. Fast forward to the happy hang out day. ^_^

    Met up with Jessie dear during the morning. Hang out together for the whole day at various places. ^_^

The bridge in a botanical garden

Compulsory camwhore photo with Jessie dear. ^_^

    Dinner was at Sushi King in Queensbay Mall. Walked around in the mall while waiting for Diese to reach. Jessie dear know so many people there... Walk a few steps, say hi. Walk another few more steps, say hello. She's so... popular I guess? XD

Diese have to wait while Jessie dear take her photo

Its been a while since the last time I put eel into my mouth. XD

Jessie dear, natural camwhorer ^_^

    Things won't be complete without a group photo right? Well, we did take two group photos... and neither turns out to be okay...

I am not looking at the camera...

I am looking at the camera, but eyes damn small...

    The night ended with both of the lovely ladies sending me off at the airport. Had some Coffee Bean drinks while waiting for my flight. Its been fun hanging out with you two. Looking forward for our next outing. ^_^

At the airport~ Goodbye Penang. I am missing you already.

Posted at 11:59 am by Josh524

November 26, 2008   08:27 AM PST
justapple - Open mouth big big, i throw Sashimi inside now. XD
November 25, 2008   08:51 AM PST
i wan sashimiiiiiiiii...
November 22, 2008   03:01 AM PST
jessie - Ya, that is sure one important VIP that I have to meet. ^_^

Chris Thoo - So everytime my sleeping time is my happiest moment? XD

kelvin - horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wat? ^_^

DiEsE - Well, there will be for sure more business trip to come. And don't worry Diese, you are not short lar... Just that me n jessie are HUGE. XD
November 20, 2008   07:42 PM PST

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