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Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Singapore's First Blogger Blood Drive

    Yes, so here I am blogging about Singapore's First Blogger Blood Drive, happened on a one fine Saturday, 29th Nov. Met up with Ven & her sis, Jordan & his GF, Keat in the MRT station before we went to Bloodbank@HSA together. Was filling in da particulars when Ven highlighted something to me...

"You always gay in Innit, cannot donate" quoted by Ven

Ignoring Ven comment, I did a silly post and
asked her to take photo of me. XD

Please be gentle on me, its my first time after all. WTF...

    Then off I go to the donation room. At first, they check my blood pressure and give me a stress ball tomato to molest in order for them to find the blood veins. After indentifying the place they are going to stab poke the needle in, they injected a pain killer. My hand was so damn numb until I have no idea when my blood started to drain out. ^_^

Seems like Ribena right? XD

    Jordan can't donate cos he's been to Cambodia for the past 3 months. Ven don't wan to donate cause she's scare of blood and needle. So only me and Keat were the last one two standing. ^_^

Unfair, she got green bandage but mine is
normal bandage...

I guess my latest hobby is to gay with
people's BF. XD

    After the donation, it was some fun time hanging around, gaying around and games playing. I will let the pictures do the talking now. The following are photos taken by Valerie. ^_^

    I wonder how come she always manage to take photos of a retarded looking me? I am sure she did it on purpose...

Giant size snake and ladder game

"You are going down with da snakes" quoted by yours truly,
with a retarded face

Receiving prizes from Boss Ming. ^_^

Gaying with Jordan, yet with another retarded expression

Spot the odd one out. ^_^

With one of the nuffies, Raine

    There's a goodies bag for every blood donor. In additional to that, I won some prices while playing Snake & Ladder. Other than that, I gave a short speech on what its like to donate blood for the first time. ^_^

The freebies and prizes

The T-Shirt that came with the goodies bag

My cert courtesy from Nuffnang. ^_^

    It was fun getting to mingle with other bloggers and at the same time help someone that is in needs. I am looking forward to any other events by Nuffnang in the future. ^_^

Posted at 07:42 pm by Josh524

December 11, 2008   07:34 PM PST
justapple - There is. Just join in the fun next time. ^_^
December 5, 2008   12:05 PM PST
i never know there's so much event by nuffnang..@@ anyway good for you to donate blood! thumbs up! support my Apple Awards 2008! :D
December 5, 2008   08:15 AM PST
jessie - Can can. Moral support will be great too. ^_^

Jordan - Crap... I dunno what to write in ler..

kenwooi - Yeah, it is nice. ^_^
December 5, 2008   01:40 AM PST
haha nice one by nuffnang. =)
December 3, 2008   01:41 PM PST
this thing feels like it's centuries ago already.. JOSH THE NEXT BIG THING: CHRISTMAS BASH!!!

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