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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Outting with S-kor

    FINALLY managed to catch a movie with S-kor. I think this was the... third or fourth try only we manage to successfully go out for a movie together. Well, we couldn't decide on what movie to watch, so we plan to choose the movie on the spot. Of course, that was not a wise choice, as I previously saw the record longest queue when I went for Transformers...

A familiar scene yet again

    Line up for about 35minutes before able to the tickets. We ended up watching Vacancy... My review... AVOID this movie... It has a very dissapointing ending after much suspense at the beginnning. If it wasn't for Kate Beckinsale, we wouldn't even consider watching this movie. It is weird how I read some magazine that this is a MUST WATCH movie...

Disappointing after all the hypes about it

    What makes up our day is the lunch in Sweet Chat. We wouldn't come across Sweet Chat if S-kor didn't mention to have lunch in a 'place-that-both-of-us-never-try-before'. She learned it from a friend of her. This is seriously a very good way of deciding what to eat. I must say this method is pretty interesting for clueless people like us. Tongue

Looking at the directory

Sweet Chat on the first floor

The menu have some yummylicious photo of the foods

    The food there was quite nice. Mine was the Honey BBQ Burger, Blue Ocean Drink and the Banana Pancake. S-kor's was the Spicy Oriental Spaghetti, Brazil Coffee and Pulut hitam Mango dessert.



    I must say, the burger is bigger than McD's bigmac and its simply delicious. The honey sweetness taste and the BBQ aroma. Simply irresistable. The Blue Ocean was too normal for me though. S-kor seems to be having difficulty digesting spicy spaghetti and by ordering a HOT Brazil Coffee simply for beacuse of its COOL name doesn't help her much. LOL

    Anyway, the highlight of the meal was the dessert. Mine was the Banana Pancake and boy oh boy!!! It was so tasty. Couldn't care about the fattening whip cream, it was so nice and full of Banana flavour. Taste something like Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana, minus the chocolate and cheese of course. S-kor couldn't finish her dessert because her stomach is occupy by all the coffee, spaghetti and a little bit of the banana pancake.

S-kor took this photo by accident. LOL Tongue

    When we finished the lunch, there was still some time left before the movie. We eventually camwhore for quite a while at Sweet Chat. We were giggling and laughing while camwhoring until the auntie from the next table look at us as if we were from some hutan that never take photos before.

I got punched from S-kor

See my tongue? LOL

    Since I already made a funny face, S-kor said to take funny faces photo. BUT, when I did a funny face impression, she looks on only... Bad kor...

My funny face, but where is her's ?

I won't get trick for the second time

    To avoid more staring from the same auntie, we decided to go walk around before the start of the movie. Well, she suggest that we take a photo of the Sweet Chat billboard as a memory...

Multiple shots...

    Shot number 1 failed because we were too close to it. Shot number 2 failed because my head covered the Sweet Chat billboard. Shot 3 can consider a success, if it wasn't for her continuous laughing for dunno what reason already. S-kor praised me for being such a good camwhore partner. LOL Thanks for the praise S-kor.

Posted at 06:15 pm by Josh524

August 12, 2007   12:16 AM PDT
HAHAHA... Okay la... I try to stop to tease you about the him/her thing already. HEHEHE
August 11, 2007   11:47 PM PDT
August 5, 2007   12:20 AM PDT
Itu? Abang aku ler... Thats why I call her/him S-kor... LOL
August 5, 2007   12:07 AM PDT
wah wah wah... happy NYER.... sapa tu??

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