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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
vPOST-Nuffnang Christmas Party 2008

    I stopped blogging for so long... AND I AM RETURNING WITH A BLAST! I am invited to the Nuffnang Christmas Party this coming Saturday! Woohoo!Everyone have to dress up according to one of the letter in vPOST. The letter given to me is S. I am cracking my head of what to wear for the Christmas party...

Santa? Nah, need too many props...

Sonic? Nah, too bluey...

Soccer player? Nah, too hunky...

Slimer? Nah, too greeny...

Street Fighter's Ryu? Nah, too yeng...

Superheroes? Nah, too sexy...

Sony Playstation Portable? Nah, too commercializes...

    Crap wei... I dunno what to dress up... AH! I know... Got one more option for me to consider...

Super Hardcore Gay Lou!!!

    Okay lar... Joking guys... I won't dress until so gay... Anyway... I think I am going to dress up with something simple. Not much time for me to go and find props for some fancy makeover. ^_^ Who else is going to the event? See you there!

Posted at 07:47 pm by Josh524

December 22, 2008   11:14 PM PST
jessie - jeng jeng jeng~ Super soh zhai si here. XD

TS - I think I pass on that. XD
December 21, 2008   11:47 PM PST
Naked = Skin only
start with S
December 18, 2008   08:18 AM PST
CathyC - You are more suitable to go as Super Heartless. ^_^

Agnes - Susu Agnes... XD

venessa - You you you... Super kiddo. XD

TS - Bart Simpson's dog also name as Santa lil' helper... Hahaha...

Jordan - Sexy-backside sounds better. XD

spectre - Cause naked starts with a 'N' and I need to dress up something with a 'S'

December 17, 2008   01:45 PM PST
WHY DRESS when u can go there NAKED! XD
December 17, 2008   01:22 AM PST
Dress us as a sexymama back JOSH.
December 17, 2008   12:06 AM PST
Santa's lil' helper, Josh
December 16, 2008   08:48 PM PST
ya i agree with cathy darling.
December 16, 2008   08:29 PM PST
i know!!

snail! or superman!! or SUNFLOWER or sucker =x... or SUSU!!! (milk)

December 16, 2008   08:23 PM PST
i know..

December 16, 2008   08:22 PM PST
i know!!


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