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Monday, December 22, 2008
vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!

    Yes! vPOST Nuffnang Singapore Christmas Bash 2008 is certainly a blast! The first ever mass blogger gathering in Singapore! And Nuffnangers/Nuffies from Malaysia came too! The event was held in a club call DXO.

Da club for da bomb event! ^_^

A candid shot before the event

    Well, club rules apply so that means everyone must be 18 and above. Sad case for some underage friend. XD As mentioned here, I got the letter S. So  go ahead and give a guess what I went as? ^_^

Our group

    So I went with (from left) Geo, Jordan, Jon, myself and the girls (from left) Keat, Samantha, HPL. First time meeting with Geo, Sam and Jon. Nice bunch to hang out with. ^_^

    Well, bloggers won't be bloggers unless they start to take photos. Famous blogger, popular bloggers, friends bloggers, celebrity bloggers, Nuffnang co-founders, and lots more!!! I shall let the photos do the talking now. ^_^

Clockwise from top left: Valerie, Cindy, Andy and Boss Ming

Audrey Ooi and Timothy Tiah

Steph and Mike

Group photo

    For those that don't know whois behind the old man mask, try guessing who he/she is? ^_^

Clockwise from top left: Nath, HP, Joanna and Jordan

Geo da Sex Pot? XD

Another group photo

    There were games and one of it was to spot all the NUFFNANG letters among the Nuffies. All we have to do is to identify their names and a prize is on the way. The catch is... There is some fake Nuffies around. So, there were 5 prizes and it came down to the last prize between MY Nuffnanger against SG Nuffnanger. So we had to play scissors, stone & bird by representing it with body gesture. ^_^

I am not Kung Fu-ing, I am a bird man!

    I won the best of three round and I get a Pride and Prejudice DVD and a book by Amanda Quick: Lie By Moonlight(inset in the above pic) Other than that, there's the crowning for the best dress female and male Nuffnanger.

Try to find three male contestant in the pics.

    I am not sure whether you notice or not, but the 'girl' beside the Nufffies is actually a dude. She is a he! AND She/he won the best dress male prize!!! I see a trend here... Guys who cross-dressed always win the prize. Proven before since Rui won best dress too in Nuffnang Halloween Party in Malaysia. ^_^

    The night comes to an end with lucky draws. Mike won the main prize which is a travel tickets for two to Manila. Jordan won a pair of air tickets too and Geo won a headphone. As for me, well I didn't win anything for the lucky draw. Oh, and have you guess who's behind the oldman's mask? Jeng jeng jeng~

Its Kenny Sia!!!

    On my way out, I received a goodie bag and finally manage to snap a pics with the 'artificial' SIA Stewardess, Raine. Wanted to take pics with her in the club but she's kinda busy from the start until the end of the event.

Me with Raine

    Was planning to chill elsewhere after the event, in the end no place was suitable enough so we headed back to our respective home. I waste no time search through the goodie bag as soon as I reach home. ^_^

Inside the goodie bag

Personalised stamp of us!!!

    Credit to Jordan and HP for some of the photos. Thank you Nuffnang for organizing such a wonderful event! Thank you for the invites! I am looking forward for your next event!!!

This is what I went as. ^_^

Posted at 10:08 pm by Josh524

January 10, 2009   06:04 PM PST
you met up with audrey... OMG... !!!.. she must be even more pretty in person than in the pics.... i'm so jealous....>.<....
December 29, 2008   03:02 PM PST
kheewei - Yes I met him!!! He's your idol? ^_^
December 25, 2008   01:36 AM PST
you met kenny siaaaaaa
December 23, 2008   09:53 PM PST
Jordan - That time will be pretty soon. ^_^

Chris Thoo - You not around, if not more fun. XD

TS - Not bad since its the first mass blogger gathering in SG

YL - He is such a pretty boy. XD

Cassandra - Okay, its my bad then. ^_^
December 23, 2008   12:27 PM PST
hello. this post is about how good a blogger is as a journalist. you should cover the whole segment... i think u missed some segments here.

the opening speech.
the best blog post winner.
the forgot your lyric segment as well..

December 23, 2008   08:16 AM PST
i tell you, ben had just became pretty la. XD
December 23, 2008   01:27 AM PST
sounds like lots of fun, Soccer Santa Soo
December 22, 2008   11:05 PM PST
HAHAHAHA NICE one. Next time we shall go and crash the party once more.

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