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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
How its feel like stomping/being stomp on da dudu

    A point to ponder... Ever think stomping? Ever think bout dudu? Ever think about stomping dudu? Be it at the giving end or the receiving end, have you ever think about it? Well, just ask Chris. He know how it feels like being stomp on da dudu. And the stomper? Yours truly of course. XD


    Just a candid shot to make everyone laugh before Christmas. ^_^

Posted at 09:42 pm by Josh524

December 29, 2008   03:03 PM PST
Chris - Well, how's your dudu right now? Better d?

YL - The stomping is great! Its like smashing 2 half boils egg into pieces and a hot dog into half. XD
December 23, 2008   10:06 PM PST
LOL. please share the experience from the pov of someone who did the stomping (:

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