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Monday, January 12, 2009
The Superstar Virgo trip!

    Its my first time on the Superstar Virgo, and I must say it is a very very very great experience indeed. Its actually a surprise trip for my mum, as my mum know nothing about the cruise. I went to find my mum a.k.a. VVN and sis a.k.a. Karen  after my work and we went on board at about 8pm.

The arrival hall, damn grand...

    VVN was still stun. She thought we were there for a visit only. And she got an even bigger shock when we went into the room to put in the luggage. She freaked out by the surprise trip planned by Karen and I. The only sucky part for the entire trip is there is not much signals for mobile phones....

Hyperactive mum + exhausted son

    Before I continue on, can anyone guess whether the photo below is showing the sun is setting or the sun is rising?

Sunset or sunrise?

    Anyway, I was chilling in our room balcony the next morning. Its been a while since I last have a cruise trip... My last was... 10years ago perhaps? Can't really remember as I was still a PM kid. ^_^

Chill, chilling, still chilling and yet still chilling. ^_^

Helpful directory for those who got lost

    We walked around the ship exploring what to do and stuffs. And we came to the top of the deck where there's a helicopter landing pad, and we decided to post like the "H" on the pad.

But we failed miserably...

    There's two pools on the ship too! One for the adults and another for the children. Strange thing is that the adult pool have not much people while the children pool have more people in it. I am guessing that couples who are on the cruise prefer some other activities? XD

The almost deserted adult pool

Me and Karen beside the pool

The crowded kids pool

    If you are not into swimming, head over to play either chess or checker. No, not the board size, its those "life size" pieces.

Posing only, not playing. ^_^

I love to use the dark horse/knight piece in chess. ^_^

    Places of interest aside,how can one forget the foods in the cruise? We are able to enjoy up to 6 meals per day! Boy oh boy  I have added some weight... Guess I will cove the food stuffs in future entries. Till next time then, keep your saliva to yourself. ^_^

The only group photo of us

    Oh yah, and the sun photo I mentioned above? Its actually a sunrise. Its taken at around 8am but still it doesn't look like what a sunrise should look like...

Posted at 11:24 pm by Josh524

February 6, 2009   04:45 AM PST
kheewei - I bet she is more than happy. ^_^
January 26, 2009   01:38 AM PST
your mum must be damn happy wei XD
January 23, 2009   06:13 PM PST
spectre - Hello? I am resting than I am bad son? Then you don't sleep wan is it? XD

diese - HAHAHAHAHA, thank you diese for the compliment? ^_^ Yap, my mom can be very "IN" wan.
January 17, 2009   06:39 PM PST
aiyah ! the son very pemalas type but mother walau er super cool ! XD can i applied to be god son?
January 17, 2009   12:48 AM PST
Chris - Of course I am not pretty... I am a dude lar bro... IF I am pretty then u will be aftering me d. XD

Jess - Yes yes yes. You should go to cruise with someone special someday too, its very fun! ^_^

YL - Yea, they are pretty alright. Hehe...
January 13, 2009   02:46 PM PST
woah. nice sia. and your sis and mum is really pretty :] hee hee.
Jess ~
January 12, 2009   11:48 PM PST
ohmygoodness, i absolutely love the interior... and the architecture of the adult swimming pool area is magnificent!

i bet ur sis, mum and u had a terrific time! well, its apparent from the pictures ^_^

p.s - it was rlly sweet of u and karen to surprise ur mom like that too =)


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