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Sunday, January 18, 2009
CNY mode

    Once again, Chinese New Year is around the corner. For a change, I won't be crapping a lot of crapping craps right now. I will only crap necessary craps instead of crapping unnecessary craps. Oh wait, am I already crapping craps? Haha, the crapper is still crapping crap from the craps after all. ^_^

Josh5(guess you all know who she is)
and me with Josh24, which makes Josh524. ^_^

    I have changed my header to the CNY theme. Nothing much fancy, but just something to go along with the festive season. ^_^

Posted at 10:40 am by Josh524

February 6, 2009   04:41 AM PST
cookie - So long no see you and you are still the same in term of kepohness. XD
February 3, 2009   05:48 AM PST
i sudah tau who is dat! hohoho...
cos i kaypo n stumbled onto her blog..lol!
January 23, 2009   06:06 PM PST
Agnes - Manis le? Hehehe... If want then you can call somebody to go do the same. lol

me me me ~ Who else but you? XD
me me me ~
January 22, 2009   10:56 PM PST
i see meeeeeeeeee~!

now, i wonder who that is?
January 19, 2009   02:02 PM PST
sangat manis... saya pun mau xD
January 18, 2009   11:41 PM PST
me me me ~ Yes! Its you!!! Wheeeeeeeee
me me me ~
January 18, 2009   11:27 PM PST
i see... me!


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