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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Back to UNiM

   Went to UNiM today to settle some graduation stuffs. Went with Justin initially. Mana tau, reached there got many other come to settle it also!!! Wahaha... all late comers and last minute settle graduation thingie~ HIGH FIVE!!! After that, some went back to the rented house to do some cleaning while the others hang out in UNiM... started to wait for dinner time at ONLY 5pm!!!

Yen-Ee(kena molest), Justin(molesting) & Cyril waiting for dinner time

Cyril, Yen-Ee & me(No molesting involve)

Acting like a fool~

  Actually, we are waiting for Jiahui to reach UNiM, she was stucked in traffic. Thats why we have so many time to take photos. Hehe... Dinner was at 'Jia Xiang". As usual, Justin uses his charm to CHARM the female workers there. Well then, after dinner its back to UNiM for some night view photos. Since we haven't got any chances to take night view photos, now its the best time.

Syok camwhoring

Guys group photo

The only girl that join us for the night

As usual, Sean with his always "many style pose"

   Okay, thats all for this time. Planning to go swimming and gym in UNiM tomorrow. Looks llike I am still attach to UNiM after all.

Posted at 12:23 am by Josh524

June 27, 2007   10:38 PM PDT
Kajang girl! Today's update? Well, a brief one is that I went to UNiM and chat up with Shanti and Yen-Ee. But sadly no photos to put on. Hehe... Will try to update my blog as often as possible. Hehe...
June 27, 2007   10:16 PM PDT
ooo.. .someone has a blog!! so where's todays update huh kajang boy?? ;)

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