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Monday, August 06, 2007
~`````~ PC Fair ~`````~

    Well, I went to the PC fair for two days in a row... The first day was at Saturday, could not take any photos due to 'some reason/s'. I went with Seow Lee on the following day. At first, I plan to get a HD at the PC fair. But then she suggested to take photo with the pc girls as well. I was thinking hey why not? Its good for my blog too. Hehe... So off we go to the PC fair!

The PC fair banner

    As usual, there was so many people here and there. But still lucky enough to snap a photo or two with the pc girls. The result? Why don't you see for yourself?

Sony Vaio Girl, Elaine

    Take 1 obviously its very blur, so its not really that satisfying. Take 2 still blur, and still not satisfying. Take 3 FUIYO!!! Very nice right? Guess whois the photographer? LOL... Her excuse? Her hand was shaking and she is not use to my camera. So... There it goes, a couple of blur pics of me with Elaine and FUIYO!!! a very nice photo of Seow Lee with Elaine.

    Next stop, its the Intel promoters distributing the lucky draw 'paper-arm-band'. They say get spotted and win a prize. Well, there are alot of people wearing similar arm band, I wonder in the end who manage to win that prize? Well, just same like the first couple of photos, she couldn't get a good grip onto the camera. Unusual camera holding position?

Intel Girls, guess who is the photographer ?

    Of course, one more thing to snap about in the PC fair is the crowd itself. Well, th crowds are crazy! There is alot of people and sometimes you will get stuck in that place for minutes without moving a single inch. Similar to night markets sight and sound, without the moonlight of course.

People rushing like mad to purchase their favourable item/s

Notice the similarity to the night market?

Seow Lee too this photo, impressed by how much she
improve in such a short time. Shades

The blur guy

    Well, Seow Lee wanted to purchase a sound card and ask assistance from this salesperson. To our amaze, he just plain blur about what is going on. Ask him this, he say dunno. Ask him that, he say dunno. And I thought all of them are suppose to help us if we enquire about anything at all? Anyhow, his 'boss' took over and she managed to purchase her much desired sound card.

Celcom girl, Ada

    Seow Lee managed to ask for the Celcom girl for the last photo of PC fair. Well, I must say that she really is something. She 'showed' me how to successfully ask for a photo of the girl. Hehe...

The happy owner of the brand new sound card

    Well, she went home with a brand new sound card. As for me, I went home without anything because the gadgets sold there are not really that cheap. However, I did end up having a few blur great GOOD photos. Hehe...

Posted at 09:34 am by Josh524

August 12, 2007   09:58 PM PDT
Err... I am lost, guys...
What's wrong with wearing a jersey?
August 12, 2007   12:09 AM PDT
Ah Pekz... You want to discriminate me also is it?
August 11, 2007   11:47 PM PDT
eh.. you're wearing jersey
August 10, 2007   10:06 PM PDT
Yes I am, Soon Seng. YES I AM. You want to discriminate me is it?
Soon Seng
August 10, 2007   01:07 AM PDT
eh.. you're wearing jersey
August 8, 2007   12:05 AM PDT
Yes you are right. Must thank them in case we see them somewhere someday sometime in the future. Hehehe
Seow Lee
August 7, 2007   01:43 PM PDT
Err.... Maybe I did mention that you can take photos with the girls there... something like the exhibition held for cars...

Anyway, since you wanna take with the girls, so, I sekali ask if can take with them also lor....

Must thank them for being so sporting to take with us, k? They must think we are two weirdos...

August 7, 2007   02:11 AM PDT
Er.... I thought you suggested at first? Or am I having amnesia? Anyway, since its a new thing for me so I think why not just go ahead and try.

Well, there goes the photographer explaining why the photos are blur. Hehe...
Seow Lee
August 6, 2007   02:37 PM PDT
First of all, I have to say that it was Mr Soo here who had wanted to take some photos with the girls at PC Fair. It's not like I am sooo eager to take photos with girls.
If it's the Cleo's 30 Most Elligible Bachelor, then, I will consider lar....

Well... I'm just not used to camera models without IS (image stabilization).

So, can't blame me, right? I didn't have the privilege to use such an old model of Canon as I'm still new to photography and the first digital camera I used already have the IS... :(

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