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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
CNY 09 Post!

    Update on CNY post? No check. Post CNY laziness? Check. I bet I am among the last to post about my CNY09. Hey, blame it on the laziness syndrome, don't blame me. XD

Bi bu bi bu bi bu,
I need an ambulance instead of being oneTongue

    I didn't do something that I should have done for this CNY. Try to think bout it while reading this post ahead of ya. The CNY journey started when I went back home 3 days prior to CNY. On CNY eve itself me and my family had a wonderful meal together. ^_^

Home cook food!!! Missing it already

    Was not really a full family gathering, as my second elder sister, Tracy was not around. So me and my elder sister, Karen took turns to be the photographer.

Karen with mum and dad

Me with mum and dad

    I think its been a while since the last family meal, dating way back until last year... Okay, its actually a few months back. But it still last year though. So as usual, the sound of fire crackers are filling up the skies and I spent counting down to CNY with the TV host. Not LIVE with the host, the host inside the TV.

    On the first day of CNY, I visited grandparents home. Cousins and uncles were there and I haven't see them for quite a while. We were all busy catching up with each other's life.

Incomplete group photo

Me and my cousin Kenny with our grandparents

    Yes, laugh all you want, I look miserable with my just wake up look add on with my spec. That is what will happen when I sleep at around 6 in the morning and had to wake up 3 hours later.

    Later that night had dinner with dad's side of relatives. And I still can't really remember who is who... Imagine this, my dad have 12 siblings altogether. All of them are married, that makes 24 family members. With an average of 2 kids per couple, that makes 48 family members. With some of the kids already married and have kids of their own, the number easily reaches 60 members...

See it to believe it, try to spot me. ^_^

Compulsory family photo

Me and my cousins, Joanne and Ah Piu. XD

My father and the eldest uncle in the family. ^_^

    Second day of CNY was out with cousin Kenny, and nothing much else. No camwhore pics for the two dudes who are not gay. Hehe... Then the third day of CNY, well, I went to see SOMEBODEH. Not just anybodeh, but its SOMEBODEH. Guess who? Guess guess guess? XD

Yes, its her. ^_^

    Ya, for those who know me since primary/secondary/college/university, now you all know Josh is no longer the President of Single Club. ^_^

    Not to forget some yam cha session here and there with friends from all around. I can't believe that actually there quite alot of people that I know are working in SIngapore too. I shall hunt them down for meet ups maybe. ^_^

    Remeber what I said about not doing what I should have do this CNY? Have you think of it? Think harder? Think think think.... Anyway... I DIDN'T GAMBLE!!! At all during this CNY!!!

Sulky face me...

Posted at 07:51 pm by Josh524

February 24, 2009   03:53 PM PST
sirei/ rei - *continue hitting with frying pan*
sirei/ rei
February 24, 2009   11:43 AM PST
now look more alike!
you're 100% yeye liao
February 23, 2009   10:22 PM PST
sirei/ rei - Really ar? *hit with plastic pan* Now look like yeye or not? XD
sirei/ rei
February 19, 2009   05:07 PM PST
you look more like yeye when you put on those glasses, lol XD
February 16, 2009   08:08 AM PST
kheewei - Now will you feel the same way anymore? I bet you won't. XD
February 15, 2009   01:39 PM PST
you know, i used to feel the same way when we had to go visit everyone in kajang lol
anyway, happy belated cny
February 6, 2009   04:37 AM PST
Audrey - Hoi hoi hoi!

Chris Thoo - Means I am damn happy right? XD

YL - I did lou hei, just I didn't post the photo up only

Jessie - Hoi hoi hoi, but I agree nice pics of us. ^_^

xjion89 - Happy CNY to you too! And thanks dude. ^_^

Agnes - Who? You ar? XD

spectre - Yes, never gamble at all. You wanna gamble with me? XD
February 5, 2009   08:00 PM PST
Lol I thought got free satay Kajang here?
u really din't gamble this CNY?
February 5, 2009   07:58 PM PST
someone wear specs look so weird xD
February 5, 2009   06:46 PM PST
happy CNY! Long time no c. haha, huiyo, not single anymore?! Congratz!!!
Jessie ~
February 5, 2009   02:05 AM PST
ahahahah muackssssssssss back audrey dear. LOL ahahaa

wheee nice piccie combination u did of us hun ^_^
February 4, 2009   09:25 PM PST
i thought it's you didnt lou hei =.=" no meh.
Audrey [:
February 4, 2009   08:33 PM PST
i LOVE my les partner ! xD

JESS DEAR, this is for YOUUUU !

*muackssssss* :D

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