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Friday, February 06, 2009
What will you do to find out if your crush is into you?

    Everyone had or still have a crush right? Well guess what? Its your unlucky day today as I will share with you all what will I do to find out if my crush is into me too. ^_^

Call her

    So you been staring at that phone and been thinking "should I call her?" Yes, I been in that situation before. I hesitated most of the time. But finally at the end of the day I pick up my guts to dial her number and chat with her. Even simple things like "how is your day today" will be sufficient enough to start a conversation.

SMS her

    Too busy to call? You can still take out your phone and start to sms her. The good thing about SMS is that you are not forcing her to give you an immediate response compare to calling her. Other than that, you can slowly think of what to reply her in return so that the conversation won't end soon. ^_^

Make her jealous

    Try to hang out with her together with a big group. Try to be close to other guys/girls and try not to pay too much attention to her. She might feel isolated by you if you do so. But its not really a bad thing. Why would she feel a certain funny feeling if she have no crush on you too? Am I right? ^_^

Hang out with her

    At first, try to go out together with her in a big gang. If she find that its comfortable being with you, both of you will eventually be going out alone and who knows you two will be dating in no time. But make sure not to force an issue to happen. As everyone knows, Rome wasn't built in one day. Take things slowly and if things are meant to be, they are meant to be. ^_^

Make her laugh

    One of the hardest thing to do in the world is to make her laugh. The simplest and easiest way to make him/her laugh would be acting silly. Give silly comments, make silly faces, and not to forget make darn cold jokes. Make sure that its within her area of interest too or its an easy to understand joke. It helps alot. ^_^

Buy her things

    Roses and diamond rings aside, get her something meaningful but not too expensive. Maybe a badge to match her bag? Or maybe a handphone string for her mobile phone? What about keychains for her keys set? No matter how simple the gift is, its the thought that count. Not the value of the item. ^_^

    And you know what? In conjunction with the upcoming Valentine's day, Nuffnang is giving a free movie passes for the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" for fellow Nuffnangers. All you gotta do is write a blog entry with the exact title just like what I did. For more info, visit here.

What are you waiting for? Join in now!

    PS: I would like to thank sweet lil Jess for being my unofficial model for this blog entry. ^_^

    PSS: Show support by clicking on the movie ads on the left column. ^_^

Posted at 08:55 pm by Josh524

February 11, 2009   07:01 PM PST
sirei/ rei - Yes, its your nenek/jie jie sister since she's vox Good side of the twin. XD
sirei/ rei
February 10, 2009   03:07 PM PST
wah~ is that my nenek?
February 7, 2009   11:11 PM PST
YL - Haha, not every guys is the same. Thats why I said from my point of view. ^_^

Chris - Waiting, I am waiting~~~~ XD

Ken Gor - Thank you wei!!!

Jessie - Nonono, you are sweeter. ^_^

zhao - Hehe, thanks for the compliment.

JOY &#9829; - Lol, glad that it helps you too. ^_^

Boon - Ah Boon! Long time no see! Thanks for dropping by!!! ^_^
February 7, 2009   08:46 PM PST
first time viewing your blog, it was interesting.... BYE BYE to our lovely single club president =D
JOY &#9829;
February 7, 2009   07:31 PM PST
wow thanks for the tips !
eventhough im not a guy, i know what i gotta do
February 7, 2009   11:10 AM PST
awwwwww.. so sweeeeet XD

Jessie ~
February 7, 2009   02:09 AM PST

February 6, 2009   10:46 PM PST
josh gorgor!!! congrats! ahahaha so sweet~
February 6, 2009   09:33 PM PST
haha. super cool. next time i'm so gng to be conscious when i'm out with guys to make sure i dont give myself away =.="

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