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Thursday, February 12, 2009
Creative photography

    I found these photos through forward mail. Thought of sharing them with you all. Its really a great collection of optic illusions. Description for each photo are from yours truly ^_^

Dancer use flower to cover up her loosen skirt

Pervertic shadowman molesting an unaware swimming pool guest

Giant Ant vs Helicopter

Shadowman found his eyes, whats left is the mouth, ears, nose...

No lighter? Use Qigong to light up the cigarette.

Put some clothes on me you bitch! *kicks*

Bombs awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Shake 33 times before you open, and you got this

No wonder the sun went missing at night

Giant Tie to the rescue~

Wow, the book have hands too

Take this "sun pill" once a day, and it keeps the day away

Finally, my handmade academy award

If birds can do so, why can't we plane hang above the cable?

    This is my third time looking through the photo before I blog about it. I am impressed with how the photographer managed to take the photos from a different angle. ^_^

Posted at 09:37 am by Josh524

February 19, 2009   05:04 PM PST
fuyohhh! wicked pics!
i like the 1st one.
February 16, 2009   08:02 AM PST
Marc - Yea, optical illusions pics are always interesting. ^_^

samuel - That is one of my favourite too!

Sheena - I couldn't agree with you more. ^_^

suangyee - Hehe, very interesting indeed.

jolene - Simply amazing right? ^_^

cookie - Will be waiting for it then. Don't put it up too late. XD

donasky - When I first saw it I go WOW as well. ^_^

February 15, 2009   10:55 AM PST
i have one that me n my fren were sitting on top of my fren's palms..will put it up in my blog next time for u to see..hahaha
February 14, 2009   02:59 PM PST
wow.. tats amazing^^
February 13, 2009   07:11 PM PST
I like the first. Very pretty. =)
February 13, 2009   06:28 PM PST
awesome~ I like the lighter up cigarette with qigong:D
February 13, 2009   06:27 PM PST
Haha, interesting pictures, I always like to see pictures with optical illusion
February 13, 2009   01:04 PM PST
jessie - Well hon, I couldn't really see if its photoshopped. Me not as expert as you are. ^_^

ikki - Ar, the guy is the painter right? I think I still have that email around. Thanks for the offer. ^_^

YL - Yeap, its very very amazing.

ricky - Hahaha, its one of the best. ^_^
February 13, 2009   08:58 AM PST
haha. nice one. xD angles were great man. :D
February 12, 2009   09:59 PM PST
nice pictures. I like the dancer one.

I got the same email once and some others including one with this very cool guy paint a very good optical illusion paintings (whatever it is called xD) on the floor of some cities. Really cool

I could email it to you if you want :)

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