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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Review of "He's Just Not That Into You"

    Thanks to Nuffnang, I have won myself tickets to the movie screening of He's Just Not That Into You. Here's the review and might contain spoilers. So read it at your own risk. AND before I start, I would like to say that... Scarlett Johansson is so HOT!!!

So HOT!!!

So so HOT!!!

So so so HOT!!!

So so so so HOT!!!

So so so so so HOT!!!

    Okay okay, enough bout her. So the show kicks off with some funny comments by mothers, colleagues, friends and sisters all around the world about what they think about guys when they don't call back. I particularly like the part where the tribes women are saying that the guy didn't find her back because he got eaten by a lion.

Gigi, Beth and Janine "analyzing" the dudes behaviour

    The movie cover love stories form different individual. There's Gigi(Ginnifer Goodwin) who is in desperate need of a boyfriend and always end up taking advice from Alex(Justin Long). Beth(Jennifer Aniston) who wants to get married but her other half, Neil(Ben Affleck) does not think its a necessity to marry if both party are happy.

Mary and Anna gossiping

    Janine(Jennifer Connelly) trying to save her marriage, as her husband Ben(Bradley Cooper) found a new love in smoking and Anna(Scarlett Johansson). Then there's Mary(Drew Barrymore) whois so into her cyber-love life before she meet Conor(Kevin Connolly)

Alex talking to Conor

    They are all connected in one way or another. So the rough idea would be Gigi, Beth and Janine are all colleagues, while Mary and Anna are friends. Conor went out on a date with Gigi once. Conor and Alex are housemates(I guess?) Conor likes Anna but Anna doesn't feel the same. Anna is the third party to Ben and Janine relationship. And the list goes on and on and on...

Ben and Neil chilling out in the middle of the sea

    Drama and laughter throughout the movie. In the movie, the girls will analyze every single step that the guys took to see if they are interested. While the guys have their fair share of helping each other out to sort their relationship.

Nice movie ^_^

    My verdict on this movie? Great cast, romantic, funny, the story line is a bit complicated but you'll be able to get it as you goes on. You should go and watch it. ^_^

Posted at 02:01 pm by Josh524

February 18, 2009   06:05 PM PST
jessie - "humongous and gravity-defying busts spilling outta their shirts" is NOT my definition of hot at all. Blek~~~ Anyway, won't be able to d/l it so soon though. ^_^

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