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Saturday, February 21, 2009
Valentines day

    Yes, its been a while since Valentines day, but hey its never to late to do an entry about it. Not having the privilege to celebrate it for the past years, I now have a significant other to share this memorable day with.  ^_^

Thanks to sweet lil Jessiebi

    Well, its more like a Valentines weekend rather than V-day as we have the whole weekend for us to spend together. ^_^

Jesh at Sunset Bistro. ^_^

    Started off by chilling at Sunset Bistro a bar right by the beach. With relaxing music played around the place, its a nice place to chill out with a bunch of friends or take your loved ones out for a "Me & You" time. ^_^

Posers posing poses. XD

    The next day, we skipped breakfast. Why did we do so? Well, we had a very good reason to keep our tummy empty for our next destination. Where to? Japanese buffet at Tao, E-Gate!

Food food food!

    We had our Japanese buffet there, and the food is simply great! Wish that our tummy can support higher capacity. ^_^

Don't we look gorgeous? XD

    Next up, off to Gurney to catch Pink Panther 2, it's among one of the better movie that I watched this year. We watched the movie on a couple seat. I must say, the feeling is different from individual seats in the cinema. Chilled at Starbucks after the movie and bumped into a few of Jess's friends Minny, Jasmine and the rest.

Hang out at Starbucks after the movie

    Oh, and night time was such a blast! Tell me, which do you prefer? Candle light dinner?  Catching a glimpse of the Penang Night city skyline? Or listening to a live band singing love songs? How about... ALL 3 of them combined?!?!?!

Candle light dinner at revolving restaurant of Bayview

View from the restaurant ^_^

    Diners were able to dedicate love songs for their loved ones. I dedicated a list of love songs to her, but only one of the songs were chosen. It was Shania Twain's From This Moment. ^_^

Jess's point of view

Josh's point of view

    After dinner, off we went to Mois since she's the official photographer for the Valentines event organized by the club. We partied a lil before heading to Dream and party even a lil more before we head home. Credit to Jess for camwhoring using DSLR. ^_^

Oops, caught in the act. XD

One more shot

    On Sunday, Jessiebi brought me to foot reflexology. Trust me, its ticklish yet something somewhere near to painful. I ended up with alot of funny funny expression on my face, and she took photos of it!!!

*Ugly Josh censored*

    The night ended with a steamboat session with her family members. Mingled and crapped with the folks. Thanks to them for the warm welcome. ^_^

Steamboat with her family

    Last but not least, this is for my sweet lil Jessiebi. ^_^

I love you baby

    Visit Jess's blog too! Click here! Or here! Or here!

Posted at 08:56 pm by Josh524

March 8, 2009   11:57 PM PDT
Jessie - Love you lots! ^_^
February 25, 2009   01:49 PM PST
rumi - Go steal from someone. Hahaha

yeebing - What showing off? Its just merely updating my Valentine post only mar. ^_^
February 25, 2009   07:19 AM PST
walao.... showing off now lah huh..!!!...

anyway.. good for you... she's hot.!!!!
February 24, 2009   08:28 PM PST
YERRRRRRRRRR jess jie jie got big nene T_T i wan aso *sniffs
February 24, 2009   03:19 PM PST
voxmui - cheh, no need you to say, of course I will take good care of her. :P

YL - Not make the world a sweeter place meh? Haha

Aaron - Ya, its way more than fun! ^_^

sirei/ rei - Faster go find lor, so I can hit him with frying pan also. XD
sirei/ rei
February 24, 2009   11:37 AM PST
yooo~~ so sweet o!
granddaughter go find one bf, can?
haha XD
February 24, 2009   08:34 AM PST
wa! you also super sweet. xD not bad not bad. sweet people around sweet people makes the world a better place. HAHA.
February 23, 2009   10:43 PM PST
jessjie is so hot and so happy and so pretty and so bahagia and so~so on~ lol what turf~

joshgor take care of my sister yeo!*pats ur back with frying pans*
*hugs jie*
February 23, 2009   10:14 PM PST
BEANDOTS - Don't jealous. It will soon be your turn. ^_^

Ken - Ken gor, don't cry... You a guy! Be a man! Thanks for the comment ^_^
February 23, 2009   10:08 PM PST
Thats so touching
I think im crying T__T
February 23, 2009   09:47 PM PST
That's so romanticccc :}
i think im jealous ):

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