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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Addicted to jerseys~

*Warning, basketball post ahead. Proceed reading at your own risk*

    Lately, I been accused by Jessie for getting her addicted to basketbal matches... So I am the guilty one for making her starting to like basketball... And I am glad I did. XD

    Jessie told me her favourite team is the Boston Celtics. I think she's into them because she watched a lot of Celtics matches the previous year.

The big 3 of Boston Celtics

    On the other hand, my favourite team would be the Phoenix Suns. Most notably cause my favourite player is there, Steve Nash. Although he is not as explosive as before, Nash is still able to provide some solid performance.

The big 3 of Phoenix Suns

    Well, one thing lead to another and soon enough she was a fan of basketball jerseys too. She tried on the Houston Rockets jersey, and she loves it. ^_^

She with Houston Rockets, me with San Antonio Spurs

Us with jersey ^_^

    And thats the only time we went out together wearing jerseys. It will soon be more though. As she just got herself a Los Angeles Lakers shirt, which I have one too. ^_^

Can't wait to go out with these! ^_^

    I got her addicted to jerseys... So I am guessing she will be adding "jerseys" to her clothing shopping list. Check out her blog here, she might be adding in some jerseys pics soon. ^_^

Posted at 07:05 pm by Josh524

March 8, 2009   12:48 AM PST
Ben - I hope they make it too. Their position now is very very dangerous...

Jessie - Er... Yes? XP Not all lar... Most of them anyway. Like how they know who is Beckham but don't know whois... say Vidic?
March 5, 2009   12:52 PM PST
Yea la... Must support teams with talent. Though Suns have gone dead this season. Hopefully they make playoffs.
March 5, 2009   08:27 AM PST
Jessie - Ah cheh... If Celtics didn't win the championship I don't think you will support them lor. XD

Ben - You know how girls is right? Support the popular teams. XP
March 3, 2009   09:53 PM PST
GO SUNS!!! Josh!! Why didn't she be a Suns fan like us.... Some more support Lakers. Sigh... Haha.

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