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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
@=@ Comic Strips @=@

    Warning, the comic strip below are copyright reserved. Any attempt to copy or recreate the art work will be seriously punish by... by... by someone who is able to punish people. The characters, storyline and dialogue are MOST PROBABLY made up and has nothing to do with those who are still alive in this world or those who have already gone to either heaven or hell. Even if there is similarity, it is just pure coincidence and I am not going to be sorry for that. For complains, autographs, events, questions, enquiries or simply to look for someone to scold/sue/argue/shout around, please dial 1 - 800 - JOSH - 524 Shades

Strip number 1

Strip number 2

Strip number 3

Strip number 4

Strip number 5

Strip number 6

Strip number 7

Strip number 8

Posted at 12:01 am by Josh524

August 10, 2007   10:09 PM PDT
Thanks for the compliment Zhennan. You can start to write about entertainment stuffs from now on. Hehe... Get enough rest, don't force yourself too much.
Xia Zhennan
August 10, 2007   09:47 PM PDT
JJJOSH!! u blog is really gooooood!! well, u know, compare wiz mine, it do looks nice!!!
most of time, i spend my time on econ, tech, politics and army those kind of stuffs, somehow, i considered entertainment as a time wasting activity........
but anyway, it might b a right 4 now to get sum rest indeed!! im so rough now......

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