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Monday, March 02, 2009
Signs you don't normally see

    It is a sad day today as we are all here to witness something that we don't normally see... Please don't weep your tears or whatever similar...

Yes, you guess it. ^_^

    I generated my tombstone here. Stumbled upon this site while I am wondering how to make a warning sign. Thus type in a few words to the search engine and Jeng Jeng Jeng, I found these sites. ^_^

For street signs click here.

Warning sign click here.

Warning label click here.

    The warning label is my personal favourite. So what are you waiting for? Go to those site and get creative now. ^_^

Posted at 09:16 am by Josh524

March 5, 2009   08:30 AM PST
sirei/ rei - You want me die so much is it? You deserve more of this then... *hits head with a big big frying pan*
sirei/ rei
March 3, 2009   09:06 PM PST
ha? i thought u are really dead...
*holding a bunch of chrysanthemums

March 3, 2009   02:54 PM PST
Jessie - Yes! Its very cool right? Duccles*

Cathy - I prepare heartless tombstone for you ar...

YL - Don't get too addicted k? ^_^

Spectre - burn for yourself is it? XD
March 3, 2009   09:27 AM PST
okay *start burning HELL note for josh*
March 3, 2009   07:55 AM PST
WOOTS. super interesting. me go try :D AHAHHAHAHAAH.
March 2, 2009   11:04 PM PST
damn yeng lor heartless..you should say..R.I.P josh524 the heartless

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