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Saturday, March 07, 2009
The story of Onion and Egg

    Have you ever heard of the onion and egg story? You don't? Seriously, you never heard of it before? Come on, don't play play... What? You for real? Okay... Let me tell then...

Jeng Jeng Jeng...

    One fine day(few hours ago), me and Jessie were chatting like usual in MSN. Suddenly, she show me a photo of her and ask me for opinion... Well, I reply the first thing that came into my mind...

My honest opinion...

    Curious which photo we are talking about? This is the photo...

Neh, this photo lor...

    She does looks like an egg in my opinion. But then, she don't like me to call her an egg... So this is what she did...

Yes, she's keeping this convo as a memory. XP

    Then there goes some exchange of words... She still beh song me calling her an egg, thus she randomly find a food to shoot me back...

Of all the food... She call me an onion...

    So we keep on talking and chatting and teasing each other. Look at some of our funny convo...

I have to give in to her...

The funny part of the convo. ^_^

    I don't even look close to an onion... But then to make everyone laugh, here is the closest photo of myself that resemble an onion.

Fresh from the... market? XD

    And we both need you who are reading this to help... Who looks more like a food? Jess the Egg or Josh the Onion? Leave your comment on who and why please... And don't forget to visit Jess the egg here. ^_^




Posted at 10:52 pm by Josh524

April 25, 2009   03:14 PM PDT
USpace - lol, you have fun too. ^_^
March 29, 2009   01:03 AM PDT
Chris Thoo - And you look like a rotten tomato...
March 12, 2009   11:53 PM PDT
CY - Thank you for the compliment. Haha
March 10, 2009   08:58 AM PDT
Jessie - Look at the bright side, you get to see a gayish onion. How often can you see that? XP

-c@nEy - You don't let me see you eat onion ar... You hide behind da egg also no use... Haha

YL - Egg and onion nice means... Me and Jess also nice is it? XP

Cathy - OMFG!!! You treat rubbish onion as food? Don't go fight with stray dogs for food lar ok? XP
March 8, 2009   11:37 PM PDT
of cuz heartless look more like a food la..rubbish onion..!!hahahahaa
March 8, 2009   11:43 AM PDT
JOSH ARH. you power sia.
egg and onion =.="
but then again, egg with onion is nice xD HAHA.
March 7, 2009   11:38 PM PST
crinkled onion vs partygal egg...

nice horh...but then right, i have a bigger comment on this...


hahahahahahahahahaha*run and hide behind jess*

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