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Saturday, March 21, 2009
I know my friend is a Shopaholic because

    How does one define a shopaholic? According to wikipedia, shopaholic is a slang term for compulsive shopping. Pssst, my girlfriend Jessie is a shopaholic... She shopped in 5 shops in a day. Yes shops, not shopping mall.

Certified #1 Shopping Queen!

Shopping Queen's Born to Shop wallet

    You people might say, its not really that bad after all right? The thing is, she spend HOURS in one shop alone, hence the 5 shops per day. She will try on alot clothes and shoes and ended up getting only 1 or 2 of them only. Pssst, guess how much she spent during the shopping spree? She spent a total of SGD500/RM1000 for the whole week!

SMALL PART of her heels collection...

Her whole week shopping spree

    Well, that was last year anyway. Right now, she's having her holiday in Singapore AND she visited alot of shopping malls each day. She complained about her heels hurting her AFTER the shopping. I wonder how come she's didn't feel any pain during shopping? Talking about after post-shopping-spree syndrome huh? ^_^

Enough lor... Go back lor...

    Talking bout shopaholics, have you heard of the book "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella? Jessie read that book over and over again.  I wonder what is so interesting about a shopaholic reading a shopaholic book. Lucky me that Nuffnang is giving away free tix for the movie, thus I can understand the story better through the movie instead of reading the book. ^_^

Catch Confessions of a Shopaholic on 26 March!

Posted at 12:06 am by Josh524

March 28, 2009   10:47 PM PDT
Yes, their "excuses" XP
March 25, 2009   08:52 AM PDT
spectre - Girls will be girls, they will shop first then eventually find a way to bring back their stuffs. XP

mustardqueen - Wow, you two seriously are part of the shopaholic gang. ^_^

sirei/ rei - Why don't you give me then let me try on you? ^_^
sirei/ rei
March 22, 2009   12:38 AM PDT
i got so much frying pan and woks! XD
i'm gonna try on you
March 21, 2009   09:33 PM PDT
i spent 600 aussie dollars in one shopping trip of 4 hours i think we can be quite good friends haha
March 21, 2009   07:13 PM PDT
how she going to bring back so many stuff back to Malaysia?
March 21, 2009   04:29 PM PDT
Jessie~ - I don't think your mom will kill you lor, since this is much lesser than the first time you are here. XP

YL - Haha, she have to be guai cos she tell me to help her to control her speding. ^_^

sirei/ rei - Ei, yo are much more of a shopaholic is it? Getting frying pans everyday? ^_^
sirei/ rei
March 21, 2009   11:33 AM PDT
nah... she's still not a shopaholic yet
March 21, 2009   11:27 AM PDT
LOL. she's nt bad ler. she was guai tht day we were at bugis xD REALLY! ._. HAHA. but i guess it was fun out tgt! xD

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