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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Amy Lee from Evanescence is dating Billie Joe Armstrong from Greenday!

    Breaking celebrity news! Do you know that Amy Lee is dating Billie Joe? Yes!!! Its a shock to the whole entertainment scene. No one have ever ever thought they would be seeing each other. They are both attached and worst still Billie Joe have two kids! Amy Lee on the other hand, is married!

Yes, both of them are seeing each other

    They are spotted outside a club during an event last Saturday. Still could not believe what are you reading? Well, to further prove it, here is a photo of both of them going out to an event. ^_^


    Okay, its not the real Amy Lee and Billie Joe, its just me and Jessiebi impersonating them for the Nuffnang Music Bash courtesy of Maxis Broadband. This is just a sneak preview, expect lots more Music Bash photos to come. ^_^

Posted at 01:39 am by Josh524

Ana Eduarda
March 25, 2013   04:45 AM PDT
aff... qe mentira!!!!!
January 25, 2012   02:14 AM PST
srsly, u sacred me... they are my Idols, and I know that BJ wouldn't cheat on adrienne, they love each other too much to do this... srsly, i don't think this was funny, at all.
May 20, 2011   04:51 AM PDT
Okay, they r a pretty good couple but him and his wife are perfect for each other.And besides, he would never cheat on Adrienne!
May 2, 2011   01:01 PM PDT
Billie joe would never cheat on his wife!
May 2, 2011   01:00 PM PDT
Billie joe would never cheat on his wife!
April 19, 2009   01:07 AM PDT
Tian Chad - The impersonator? Yes I agree. XP
Tian Chad
April 8, 2009   09:54 PM PDT
Amy and Billie is such a nice couple ;p
April 8, 2009   08:11 PM PDT
Jessie~ - Yes! We rawk!!! ^_^

YL - Yes yes, she had a hard time doing the eye-liner thingie for me. XP
April 7, 2009   10:29 AM PDT
not bad. quite look alike wor. xD

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