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Saturday, April 18, 2009
Full coverage of the 2nd SS gang gathering!

    After the much successful first SS outing, we decided to have the second SS outing. Attendances list? Chris, check. Diese, check. Teck Weng, check. Cathy check. Tze Lih check. Ying Yang, check. Audrey check. EV, check. Honeybi, check. The crapper? Oh... thats me. XP

Ah yes... Plenty varieties of food. ^_^

    Instead of dining outside, we did a house party in Chris's house. Everyone brought along foods of all kind. We have Pizza, Satay, Home-made special thingie, croissant, KFC, fried rice and loads more! The early-birds were hungry like mad while waiting for the late comers. You know who you are. XP

Once everyone arrived, we wasted
no time and started attackin the foods.

Cheers SS peeps!

    And whats compulsory for the SS gathering? Battle of the sexes!!! Last year, the guys triumph over the girls. Who will come out victorious this time around? Why don't you take a look at the photos and judge it yourself?

The gays~

The les'~

    So do I need to say more? The gaying guys come out victorious once again! Try harder for the next gathering okay lesing girls? XP

    Oh... And the fun is just getting started. After dinner, we played a crazy card game and the punishment of course involve drinking. Its the matter of how much you are going to drink. Oh ya, and someone got so high until she/he can't remember she/he sang Negaraku and identify 7UP as 7PLUS... Well, you know, I know, SS gang know. ^_^

Oh... and you know what?

    HOW THE HELL DID SOMEONE WHO TOOK 7PLUS CAN GET DRUNK?!?!?!?! Actually Diese did not even touch any alcohol drinks. She was trying so hard to hold down her laughter until Chris started to laugh. If you think that's funny, wait until you see the next photo...

WTF?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!

    Okay, so now everyone knows that Chris like guy's butt... Careful all guys out there... You wouldn't wanna suddenly get poke by Chris... XP

Me with honeybi. ^_^

    The night continues on with someone shaking bon bon, bladder almost burst and loads of laughter. All good things come to an end and thus we are trying to cool down from all the hyperness.

My cool down pose

    Ah... The night is no longer young and before we leave, here's some family photos from the gathering.

Family photos

    Why complicated you ask? Well.. Imagine the son's dad is the gay partner of the stepson's mom's husband? Or the sister's brother is the gay partner of her enemy whois her husband's gay partner? Confusing right? I don't even know what I am talking about... Here's a clearer picture of the complicated family...

And guess what? THERE'S MORE!!!

Ended the night with a compulsory group photo.

    Had tons of fun with the SS gathering. Looking forward for the third gathering soon. ^_^

Posted at 01:09 am by Josh524

April 25, 2009   03:16 PM PDT
hitomi - You also always SS wan ar? But don't know you can tahan our SS-ness or not only. XP
April 19, 2009   04:58 PM PDT
wah lau ye!! SS pun tak ajak
April 19, 2009   12:54 AM PDT
cassandra - Thanks! ^_^

Chris Thoo - Oh ya... You are not gay... You are bi right? XP

Penton - lol, thats only a part of the complicated family members. hehe

tzeLih - We all batu together!!!

Jessie~ - Yes! Its so damn fun. Hopefully the third will be da bomb too. ^_^

CathyC - You dare to do so? Later me and Tze Lih kidnap Teck Weng only you know...
April 18, 2009   11:09 PM PDT
hello..chris used vibrator okay..LOLss

and i couldnt les much because i was sick..WATCH OUT NEXT TIME, I will kidnap jess dear and les with her all night long :P
April 18, 2009   02:27 AM PDT
darling i love the relationship photo..!! HAHAHAHAHA ROCK ROCK !!
April 18, 2009   01:18 AM PDT
haha nice photos!

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