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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Airport incident

    I wanted to share this so much but then I forgot about it... This "incident" happened last month when I was travelling back to Malaysia. Its kinda amusing to me seeing people still being so ignorant yet funny at the same time. The following are the "events" narrated at its best recalled from my memory. ^_^

    I was waiting for my flight to Singapore at LCCT. The boarding time was 10am. As usual I was settling down, reading magazines while listening to MP3. The flight got delayed and I heard about the annoucement being repeated 3 times. Thus, there's announcement for another flight leaving for Jakarta at the same gate is open for boarding.

Traveling has never been so easy. ^_^

    All of the sudden, a family was seen rushing from the shopping area towards the check-in gate, nervously and basically shouting and ask the flight attendant have they missed the Singapore flight. They calmed down knowing that the flight is delayed and resume shopping.

Roughly this is what they talked...

    Moments later, the Jakarta flight annoucement was once again repeated. A bunch of friends who were sitting not far from me rush to the gate as well. Once again, they asked the flight attendant the same thing, did they missed the Singapore flight. After they were done, they sit down and chit chat as usual.

I think its something like this...

    Later on, the Jakarta flight was announcing its final call. This time an individual who was reading newspaper suddenly rushed to the gate. He panicked and asked if he miss the Singapore flight. The poor flight attendant repetead what he said twice just now. He was relieved and sit down and continue on reading newspaper.

The individual's point of view...

    You do notice that the family, the friends and the individual all asked the same thing...



    Speechless indeed... They did listen to the announcement about the boarding for the later flight but NOT the flight delayed announcement that has been repeated for 3 times? I mean come on, me with the earphone on and I still heard all 3 announcement... One thing for sure though... Blaming others is always the best way out for being ignorant. XP

Posted at 01:29 am by Josh524

April 30, 2009   09:27 AM PDT
Chris Thoo - *kick dudu* cool down k?

kenwooi - They are being ignorant mar. What to do. lol

Jess - Couldn't agree with you more hon. ^_^

YL - Ya, their thinking is always cover their backside first...

Ying Zi - Haha, thats what people always do

Penton - Yes its a bad habit but sadly there's more and more of such people

CWKen - lol... So random... You can ask my MSN from Jess. You got her's right?

April 29, 2009   09:07 PM PDT
lawl man seriously lawl man LOL btw wat's ur msn? lol
Ying Zi
April 29, 2009   07:06 PM PDT
HAHA! Typical la,surely try to blame others to save their ass and see if got any free things to take.
April 29, 2009   11:42 AM PDT
oh wells. what to do? in life, always remember to cover ca cheng. anything happen, just blame another lor. that's most humans' mindset. -.-"

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