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Sunday, August 12, 2007
`~`~`~`See Tao Poh Birtday`~`~`~`

Happy Birthday Wan Yong!

    Its been about 2 years since I know her. She's been a great friend to hang around, help around, chat around, make jokes arond, borrow me stuffs to plagiarise and of course she does help around planning for surprise birthday party. Didn't get the chance to celebrate birthday for her before, so here's the entry dedicated to the birthday girl Wan Yong. Shades Some photos to remind back the good old times together with the UNiM gang. Spot the Wan Yong in all the photos. Tongue

Recent Penang trip

Steamboat during Justin's birthday at TTS

Sungai Gabai Waterfall trip

After the Digital Logic lecture

Annual Dinner 2007

Annual Dinner 2006

    Some candid shots taken during the time in UNiM.

Setup'ing' the birthday cake during Kok Wei's birthday

Everyone concentrate on something which is actually nothingShades

Does she look like a dozing off baby in the photo? Tongue

    Last but not least, a birthday photo especially made by me for Wan Yong! Might look a bit messy though.

Happy Birthday!

    May all your birthday wish will become true Wan Yong!

Posted at 06:05 pm by Josh524

wan yong
August 13, 2007   07:52 PM PDT
haha.. thanks vl and josh. ^.^
Dare u two insult me here ah.. i'm so pity, is u two too hardworking and setup everythin b4 i've come; also, record and settle everythin while experiment... wat i can do is jz keep on mumbling and talking to myself only... =P
u two take care urself ah, not every company like me so nice one u know (muahahhaah...), time to independent!! all the best yah~
August 13, 2007   02:01 AM PDT
Touched le See Tao Poh? Hehe... I didn't tell VL about the salary. I think he already read it on his own. Glad you like the photo I made ESPECIALLY for you. Hehe...

Yalo Loong kor. Thats the story behind the See Tao Poh name. Me and VL must setup everything and take down the result while See Tao Poh order us around. Actually its not that bad lar, got her around the result SURE CORRECT WAN!!! Hehe...
August 12, 2007   10:56 PM PDT
Happy to My Sei Toh Poh!!! Wan Yong has been my and josh SEI TOH POH since starting second year, rite. I had something to share with you all. Why me and josh call wy SEI TOH POH. Haiz.. actually is a sad story, wy always just command during our lab experiment. One of us need to record the result and another person need to setup all the equipment before SEI TOH POH come. But, during the experiment me and josh quick relax, all the decisions are done by WY. (Just Joking Only WY, but is a TRUTH story, rite JOSH!!). Happy Birthday to WY and take care!!!
wan yong
August 12, 2007   11:57 AM PDT
oh yah.. forgot to tell u, i like the last photo as the post as well~ so many cakes there... sure i like it! lol
wan yong
August 12, 2007   11:51 AM PDT
WAH!! Wah~ Wah...
Thanks yah!! whole post is me!! sumore posted at 12am ko!! "full face" for me d... haha.. ok, si tao poh add u salary!! aiseh.. =P
*dun tell vl, later he envy no good lah.. hahha...
Really thank you so much, i really appreciate it!! heard tht u gonna working in singapore soon, all the best to u yah~ ^.^

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