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Monday, May 18, 2009
Parody version of fourfeetnine?

     Everyone know who's Audrey Ooi right? Neh, the Nuffnang co-founder Timothy Tiah's GF le... Dunno ar? Seriously dunno? OMFG... You must be unfamiliar to the blogging world then. See below...

Click here to enter her blog.

    So what you think? Cutish or WTFish? lol... Anyway, notice her blog URL? Its four feet nine right? Guess what? Somebody did... SEVEN FOOT NINE!

Click here to enter the blog

    Is it a hate site like how Dawn Yang got Dawn Wayang? Is it a girl blogger who's height is 7 foot 9? Or is it another blogger who love Audrey so much until he/she did a parody version of fourfeetnine?

Seven foot is better than 4 feet?

    Wonder no more cause... Here's the answer! Sevenfootnine belongs to a super tall basketball player, Sun Ming Ming.

The tallest dude is Mr. Sun

    Can't recognize him? Serious? Really? Did you watch Rush Hour 3? Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker? Remember the funny "you me me you me me you you" scene? Remeber the fighting scene before the "you me me you me me you you" scene? Neh, that Giant who fought with them. He's sevenfootnine!

Now you remember him? ^_^

    Hmm... Wondering how they would look like if they stand next to each other? Since Jackie Chan is just above his waist level, then I guess it should be something like this.

Should be right?

Posted at 11:07 pm by Josh524

May 20, 2009   12:43 AM PDT
vox - Got fall down from ur chair? HAHAHA

Kelvin - Seriously ROFL

Jess - Me iz not making fun... Me iz comparing only... XP

Catfish - Er... I think Jackie is 5 feet something... XP

aud - LOL. Belly button... Hope you don't mind with the height comparison in the last pic^_^

panda - Just like some unisex toilet sign right!? XP

hitomi - Yes, really. Seriously real. ^_^

May 19, 2009   10:53 PM PDT
haha, really?!

surprise betul
May 19, 2009   10:50 AM PDT
Hahahah... Audrey's height is around Jackie Chan's height! LOL
May 19, 2009   12:07 AM PDT
May 19, 2009   12:01 AM PDT

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