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Saturday, May 23, 2009
I'm a Standout in Life!

    Okay,  what does standout actually mean? It can be a talent. It can be an unique behavior. It can be an act that is extremely different from others. So, after the warning above, prepare for Josh524's boasting about how outstanding he isTongue

    Ever wanted to work with a celeb? Having fun working out with a sportsman? Star in an action movie with your favorite movie star? Be a judge on a reality show? Well,  I've been there, done that. I am serious! A lot of celebrities have worked with me before. Don't believe it? I will let the photo do the talking then.

I am a trainer for Lance Armstrong

Simon Cowell seeked my advice during the American Idol audition
Heck, I was the guest judge when Paula Abdul wasn't around!

Working on the set with Nicholas Cage
for the sequel of Ghost Rider

Even Oprah invited me to her show. And believe me,
I've never seen so many women cry in fronta me

Even Spiderman is a fan of mine Tongue

    If heels are the ultimate weakness to girls, then jerseys are the ultimate weakness to me... Home jersey, Away jersey, customized jersey, united ballers jersey... Basically just any freakin' jerseys. My current collection stands at about 40 jerseys as of now... Here are some of them with me in SG. The rest are back in my cozy lil room in MY.

Wearing the Orlando Magic jersey at KL Convention Center

Syok syok camwhoring with a Sacramento Kings jersey

Me and my girl Jessie wearing San Antonio Spurs' and
Houston Rockets' jersey respectively

Us again, this time with the Miami Heat and the
San Antonio Spurs jerseys

A combination of Phoenix Suns home and away jerseys

Dallas Mavericks!

Even my gurl labeled me that. -_-|||

    I have quite a number of photographs where I do look like a star... Unintentionally. It is just weird when I look back at the pics. Maybe I am a natural stand out... thats why huh? HAHAHA, just kidding. I will let u be the judge to decide if I am a standout in "accidentally impersonating" standout stars. ^_^

People say I am the fifth member of F4...
So I guess I'm... F5? (refresh page)

Don't I look like old school Sam Hui?
These pictures were ages ago!

A lil like those Death Note dudes...

Bat Leung-Gum?!?!?!?! This is epic...
My grin resembles his.

    Some people just can't stand it when their photo doesn't turn out nice. They will request to take a gazillion photos of the same pose over and over again until they are satisfied. I on the other hand, don't mind my photo looking BAD! Seriously, its so bad until you can laugh like mad. Okay... Maybe not THAT mad... But it's still funny nevertheless.

Me hugging a huge pillar in the Tokyo Underground Railway
God bless my sexuality preferences

Looking silly with one of the statues in Glasgow's Stirling castle

Imitating a sad face on the shirt

Acting macho in Tioman Island
(don't puke please)

    Silly, creative, funny and crazy all in one. Now how can I not be standout in life with all the things I have done? Why am I doing all this? As a summary, Tiger and Nuffnang are going to hold a Standout Party and invites will be given to the first 100 bloggers who shares their outstanding qualities. For more info, click here.

Be a Standout Now!

Posted at 01:29 pm by Josh524

May 24, 2009   08:29 PM PDT
coco - Haha, now you noe why ^_^ Thanks for the b'day wish too. ^_^

Jolyn Goh - Thanks! I bet your standout post will be great too. ^_^

JC - Hehe, its a combination of funny, silly and crazy. XP

Linda - U LOVE Bat Leong Gum ar? So happy when you saw his photo XP

Jess - Awwww, thank you baby. Together gether we standout k? ^_^

ishy - Thanks man!

YL - Me got 1 word for you too. THANKS! Hehe, I crack my head to think of what to put for it.

Name - Hehe, don't overgrin k? XP

Catfish - Adoi, why lar wanna puke. We all so yeng. XP But if you really want me to mosaic I can do that. Not aiming to win anything, just wanna go and have fun! ^_^
May 24, 2009   11:00 AM PDT
SHIT!!! Why the HELL you put the tioMAN photo!!!!!!

God so embarrassing ~!
I'm puking looking at myself already!!! Please mosaic me... =)

PS: anyway good luck in the standout competition... what did you wish to get?
May 24, 2009   01:01 AM PDT
Quite an interesting post :) It made me grin!
May 23, 2009   07:43 PM PDT
OMG. one word. COOL. HAHA. xD
May 23, 2009   02:40 PM PDT
haha. cool post man! :D
May 23, 2009   12:14 PM PDT
bat leong gum. HAHAHAHAHA
May 23, 2009   11:49 AM PDT
Lol... so funny!
May 23, 2009   02:45 AM PDT
hahaha now i know y jess purposely go sg d!!XD anyway happy birthday and all the best to u n jess!!so lovely !!!~*

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