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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heyho! Guess who? It's me… yeah, Josh. Josh524.

I'm officially 24 years young already. *beams*


Yup, pretty much excited that I've hit another milestone in life yet again… looking back at what I've accomplished, *cough* it's quite a lot!

The highlight of this year : being blessed to have met this awesome girlfriend of mine. She's so awesome that I have to tell you a bigbig secret. She's so awesome that you have to know something. She's so awesome that when you think of Green Tea Latte, you think of her. She's so awesome that you feel like farting out Milo Powder.She's so awesome that… that… that… she's flipin' writing this now!



Nah, I don't mean shit hunns. Was just fooling around. 

Of course it's me - Jessie of benjicajess.com, that explains the different style of writing. The huge font sizes and crazy color schemes!


Happy 24th Burfday melove!

Ya' know how difficult it is to dig out your blog password from you last month? Thank heavens you didn't suspect anything while I was being very touchy on the subject of blogs and passwords. I guess I covered it well! *winks* And, ya' know that telephone convo we had the other day? I innocently asked you about your blog header dimensions, colour schemes, blogdrive templates and whatnot.

And you didn't suspect a thing! Oh, you noobie.



I bet you must be smiling to yourself right now already. Well, just doing what I do best – surprises! But honestly, nothing beats the love and surprises you gave me thus far. Ya lil sneaky pest! Hands down, you still win. (and I'm not saying that just because it's your big day. Oh, maybe I am. Oh no wait, I'm not)


Ya know, even if I'm down with you in Singapore for your birthday weekend doesn't mean I still can't surprise you with something. Hope you liked my birthday present! I was thinking of something practical yet cool at the same time. You'll get it tonight. Oh and just to warn you beforehand, my wrapping skills stink. 

But good thing I have a second birthday prezzie for you… one that requires no wrapping paper! I reckon you've noticed it already right? Yep, it's your blog header. 4 hours creating, designing and touching it up is really a pain in the @ss.

Yes I know I'm very fickle minded. Your header now is so different from my initial plan of how I initially planned it to be. Just like how I change my baju 3-5 times before I'm ready for an outing. Whoops. Did I just say it out loud?


Okay, moving on!


So guys,

do wish him a Happy Burfday for me would ya?

Leave your wishes at the comment section

below or at his cbox!

Thanks for being part of the surprise peeps


Oh and just so you know, I have another surprise for you later. Put your best foot forward and get out the door at 7pm. Sharp.

Hey, it isn't everyday you get to spend your 24th with me, no? Or rather, it isn't everyday you turn 24. And it isn't everyday you get to spend the whole day/weekend with me. *grins* So, why not make it the bomb?

So my lil Ducclebears, spunk up and get ready for a splendid evening. Cos' we're on a roll!


For everything you've done for me,

you deserve every minute of today.

Happy 24th, love always!

Duccleberries | Jessie

Posted at 04:23 pm by Josh524

May 25, 2009   09:24 PM PDT
Venessa & Cheez - Oh yes, I love the cake you two made. Thanks! I am happy that the four of us celebrated together AND I AM NOT THAT OLD! Kiddo... XP

euling - Long time no see! Thanks for the wish. AND yea, I do agree that I am very fortunate to have such a great GF. ^_^

Puiyeng - I always sayang her wan. Everyday more and more. Hehe... Thanks for the birthdat wish and good luck in finding an ideal BF. ^_^
May 24, 2009   10:33 PM PDT
Happy bday Josh!
I saw dis right aft i came back from work.. aww.. so sweett! i hope i got a bf can do dis for me too! U very lucky hor! sayang her byk byk and stay youung forever ~~~ =p
May 24, 2009   10:09 PM PDT
wah...you damn lucky wei. got such a good gf. so sweet~~~
happy birthday!
May 24, 2009   08:46 PM PDT
ruionkoh - Thanks dearie. XP

Yatz - Thanks a lot! *winks winks* But in the end we we went out later than 7pm. XP

Hp - Thank you! Thank you for your sms wishes too! ^_^

spectre - Thanks and yes, I can airborne from base number 23 to number 24. XP

tw - Must you remind me of the aging process? XP Anyway thanks dude. ^_^

AngelKein - Yes, me iz old. You iz young. So you iz still a kiddo. XP Thanks for the wishes. ^_^

fimey - Anakku yang memakai ANAKKU! Terima kasih banyak banyak. ^_^

YL - Thanks for the wishes and I have to agree with you that she's very sweet!

Jojo Struys - Thanks! I do agree with you that I am very very very lucky to be with Jess. ^_^

-c@nEy- - Thank you ah mui!

coco - I very touched lor! I cayang her more and more as days goes by. ^_^

soon seng - Thanks drinker. See you on... a fine Thursday? XP

Jan - Thanks for the b'day wish! Jess is so sweet! ^_^

Chris Thoo - And this is coming from a sandbag older than me. XP Thanks dude!

Audrey - Ish... Since when I am mean? Thanks for the wishes and YES! I do enjoy my weekend with Jess. ^_^

kenwooi - Hehe, thank you for the bday wish dude. ^_^

BLue - Oh yes, I am having the time of my life with my love, Jess. When is your turn? ^_^

Cathy - I will prevent from calling you heartless today... Oh wait, I just called you heartless. Thank you heartless for the bday wish! XP

WayeYoung - Thanks man! All the best!

CWKen - Eh, me on 24th, not 23rd. Hence the Josh524 blog name. ^_^ But I don't mind lar if you wanna be my long lost brother. XP

shah - Thanks and I agree, 24 is just a short milestone. More to come ^_^

JC - Yes I do enjoy my Bday alot! ^_^ Thank you for the birthday wish!

steph k - Thanks! Well, maybe you can give a surprise like this for your BF next time? ^_^
steph k
May 24, 2009   05:17 PM PDT
omg! im such a lousy gerfren .. haha

happy buffday boi-atch! :)

May 24, 2009   03:13 PM PDT
Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy!

Hohoho.. 24th already =D

Hope you enjoy your special day Very Much!!!

Be Happy Always ^_^
May 24, 2009   12:43 PM PDT
congrats on your 24th birthday!! long way to gooo
May 24, 2009   03:11 AM PDT
wtf ur bday 23rd also? lol wassup, my brother form another mother? hapyp birthday man hahaha n ur exactly 2 years older den me XD
May 24, 2009   03:01 AM PDT

happy birthday man!
May 24, 2009   01:29 AM PDT
awww...sweet nya..kla, today I am not heartless because it's your big day HEARTLESS!!! XDXD Happy Birthday :)
May 23, 2009   11:30 PM PDT
Old dah..
Janganlah so mean ;P
Anyway, hope you enjoyed your day.
May all your wishes come true!
*hugs* ;)
May 23, 2009   10:14 PM PDT
Whoa, happy birthday!!

That's sweet :)
soon seng
May 23, 2009   10:12 PM PDT
Hoho... brilliant! kudos to Jess!

Oh, and happy birthday to you too, dude. =)
May 23, 2009   09:39 PM PDT
Touched leh!!!!!!!!! sayang her more arhx!!!!! u r the lucky man!!!

btw !!happy 24th birthday!!!!!!=D~*
May 23, 2009   09:10 PM PDT
happy burfday tai ko!!!
May 23, 2009   07:30 PM PDT
AWWW. Jess is so sweet! :D Happy Birthday anyways! ^_^
AngelKein &#9829;
May 23, 2009   06:59 PM PDT
foooh. so old dy :P
haha. HAPPIE BEDAY. again.
May 23, 2009   06:52 PM PDT
happy birthday old one. :D
May 23, 2009   06:47 PM PDT
Happy c4 birthday! JOSH now u can airborne!
May 23, 2009   06:44 PM PDT
Happy Birthday Josh!! ^^
May 23, 2009   06:36 PM PDT
yoooooooo my dear happie birthday! LOL XD XD
May 23, 2009   06:17 PM PDT

Nigel - THANKS! Will post bout it and possibly meet u up during the standout event? ^_^

Jackie - THANK YOU AH LOI!!!

Jacquelyn - Wheee, thanks for the wish! ^_^

EV@yenniedoll - Yalo, Jess memang geng... ITS SO UNEXPECTED!!!

gregorule - awwwww, thanks gregie. AND yes, Jess very powderful!

vox - Since its my bday eve, I forgive u for now. XP The next time I see you then its plang pleng pling plong plung time. XP
May 23, 2009   05:51 PM PDT
Happy bday gor!! want prezzie? *piakpiak*THERRREE~ My prezzie for a bro that i know is conderful and takes care of my jie wonderfully.
Cepat datang Mah-lai-ciah~Kite pling plang plung!! Lol~

Happy bday!*psst olded xp*
May 23, 2009   05:40 PM PDT
hey hey hey!~
happy Birthday Joshie dearie!~ =X

and Jess, U very da pawderful!~
May 23, 2009   05:32 PM PDT
wuahhh, jess u so geng la..
May 23, 2009   05:31 PM PDT
Hey Josh! happy birthday to you! :)

Have a great one!
May 23, 2009   05:29 PM PDT
Happy birthdat josh!!

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