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Monday, May 25, 2009
A sneak preview to my 24th birthday ^_^

    I guess most of you have read the previous post did by my GF, Jessie the duccleberries. IT WAS SO UNEXPECTED!!! OMFG... Can you just imagine what my reaction was like when I read the post? Love you for that sweetie. ^_^

    She gave me a very memorable 24th birthday celebration. Full details coming soon. Majority of the photos are with her, so here's a lil teaser before the full coverage. ^_^

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend baby! ^_^

Posted at 09:07 pm by Josh524

June 1, 2009   09:06 PM PDT
Venessa & Cheez - Okay lar... I thanked you two in the next post d. AND YES! I know lar KFC sets and everything. Don't be so calculative OKAY?!?!?! XP

soon seng - ISAAC!!! Yes yes, me enjoying myself alot. When is the Thursday ei? ^_^

Jess - But but but... You are the main organizer mar... XP LOVE YA DUCCLEBERRIES!
soon seng
May 27, 2009   10:53 PM PDT
joker! apa khabar! enjoying yourself, i see.. =)

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