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Saturday, May 30, 2009
My 24th Birthday celebration

    I must say I am very impressed by what my girl Jessiebi did for my birthday. She came down to Singapore to celebrate my birthday. She started off by giving me the first surprise of the day, a blog header and a blog post dedicated to me in my blog! Click on the pic for the blog post.

See see, so sweet of her. ^_^

    According to the blog post, the following pics will give me a clue to where we are dining. And... I AM TOTALLY CLUELESS ABOUT IT! I guessed about some black theme restaurant, some semi formal place, a place where you need to wear cap...


    For those who still can't figure it out just like me, its at Hard Rock Cafe. Seriously, she went through all the hassle to find a way to get there and  to call to make reservation. What really impresses me is that she manage to do all while she's at a foreign country!

Here we are at the entrance of HRC.

    The food was great. The drinks were fantastic. The atmosphere is marvelous. So what's the not-that-good part? Well, little did I know sneaky Jessiebi told the staffs that its my birthday, and HRC arrange something for me. After the diner, they announce its my birthday and all of a sudden I was pulled dragged led to the stage... TO STAND ON A CHAIR!

Hence the height different in this Polaroid photo.

    Spotlight was on me. The HRC staff was announcing that its my birthday. Soon everyone started to sing the Birthday song. Jessiebi even recorded the whole ordeal! All this while I am still on the chair on the stage! But then again, its all for the experience. ^_^

Thank you for the surprise arrangement baby! ^_^

    Next up, we headed to Clarke Quay. Yet another surprise, she arrange for us to meet up with Ven and Cheez. We wandered around and decided to chill at Marrakesh, a Moroccan Lounge bar. My cousin later join us and the next surprise is... CHEEZ AND VEN MADE A BROWNIE FOR MY BDAY!!!

The peeps trying so hard to light up all the candles...

    They lighted up 24 candles... Each of them represent one year of me being on planet Earth. A small note here, don't ever light up so many candles for the birthday guy/girl.. It can seriously melt down your face. Haha...

No, I was not wishing that my face won't melt. Hehe...

    Another round of Birthday song was sang and the owner of Marrakesh even bring plates for the brownies! We offered him a slice but he politely declined. We continue eating, bitching, gossiping and laughing like mad before we return home.

Compulsory group photo

    Thats not the end! There's more when we reached home. We continue on with the drinking session consisting of me, Jessiebi and my cousin. We started off mildly by mixing Vodka 30% with Apple Juice 70%

Cheers everyone!

    Soon Vodka took over Apple Juice and I am sipping from a glass almost full of pure Vodka. The night just get crazier with the introduction of a second mixer... SOYA BEAN!!! Let me tell you... don't EVER be so ambitious and mix soya bean into the liquor... It looks like Tau Foo Fa (Soy Bean Custard) BUT TASTES HORRIBLE!

Ugh... I am half high already

    Lesson learned. No no soya as mixer...There's a lot of videos of the 3 of us in high mode, currently in the editting process by Jessiebi. Finally, the night is no longer young and we konk-ed at around 5am in the morning. The next day before she take off, Jessiebi gave me a pair of training glove for my birthday.

I seldom camwhore... But what the heck, here is one!

    I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involve for such a great memorable 24th birthday. Those who left comments on my blog, those who wishes me through sms, those who came to  celebrate with me and last but not least thanks to my sweet lil Jessiebi for doing all this. Girls out there, Jessiebi have officially spoil the market for "BF B'day celebration".

I love you! Thanks for everything sweetie. ^_^

Posted at 11:44 pm by Josh524

June 1, 2009   09:13 PM PDT
Jess - *big big duccles* Ehehe, I wanted to keep it as a surprise mar. AND there you go, SURPRISE!!! ^_^

-c@nEy- tsk tsk tsk... Its still decent okay... I didn't show anything below neck. Hehe... Thanks SAI MUI!!!

vox - Everyday treat u eat shoe darn expensive wan ok? Ei wait, so that indirectly means you are a sweet mui also? XP

ink27 - *cough cough* ask Jess if I treat her goddess enough? Hehe... And yes, "Awesomeness" is what Jess gives. ^_^

Nigel - YES!!! I agree Jess is so sweet! Yeap yeap yeap, see you in Standout then. Wheeee

CWKen - Haha, you did Wai Ken. U even told me that urs is on the 23rd of May. ^_^ Happy belated birthday to you too.

Jackie - Great + Cool for both of us can ar? XP
May 31, 2009   05:15 PM PDT
haha..cool for u josh =)
and great for u jess...XD
May 31, 2009   11:30 AM PDT
hey man! i cant rmb if i wished u or not but anyways Happy Belated Birthday! :)
May 31, 2009   12:45 AM PDT
this is the reason why u should treat jess like a goddess...
MAN the venue hunting must fun.. xD got picture clue sumore!
burning brownie also got

1 word... Awesomeness. XD
May 31, 2009   12:26 AM PDT
AWWW!!! SWEET!!! im proud to be the sister in this family!!! LOL~can i not eat shoe tomorrow??! xp
May 31, 2009   12:16 AM PDT
why camwhore also must show 'naked' body wan... ada reader reader yang under age la dai kor!!!


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