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Monday, June 15, 2009

    So... I blog bout this late... Cos... I have no pics... Actually I do... But its only less than 20 pics altogether. However, minus out the blur pics, the bad angle pics, the ugly looking me pics... Here is what I have left...

One example of bad pic... Me with Susan Boyle(Kenny Sia)

Me, Jessie, Coco's friend, Coco, Junn

Me, Zhao and Wai Ken

Me with Gregie

Me with Junn again

    Ya, thats all the pics that I have. So I am gonna start leeching pics from everyone's blog, Muahaha. Well, to begin with me and Jessie came late. Thanks to the not so friendly traffic condition.

She blogged bout it here. ^_^

    Oh ya, this is going to be the first time I am meeting alot of innit chatters. The highlight of the day? Me meeting up with both of my 3P partnes. ^_^ For those who are scratching their head now, scratch until you have a bald spot still you can't really understand it. Unless you are a regular in innit. ^_^

Nigel, me and Isaac completes the 3P. ^_^
Click here for coverage from Isaac's POV

    Talking about "partners" here is one photo taken with one of my then partner. Haha, I believe everyone of you know Chris. We were so called pros for making funny faces and here is a great example of what we are capable of.

Me and Chris with the stunned expression. ^_^

    Ah Loi. When you call it using a Chinese slang, it sounds so... Old fashioned? Haha, thats what I always call Jackie Loi. He did a funny funny add on and caption onto almost all the photos.

Read more of Jloi's funnily creative Standout entry here.

    Wai Ken, the dude who's from the same uni as me. Recently "reunion" back through innit. I guess he's know more as Inariken to everyone. Maybe due to his unusual fetish for inari? XP

Read what Inariken have to say here.

    Hee, one of the MC is Jojo Struys, Jessiebi's friend. A well known Model, DJ, TV Host, Actress in Malaysia, everyone was lining up to snap a pics with her after the event.

Including me. Hehe

    The interesting part is that the day itself is Timothy a.k.a. Boss Stewie's Birthday!  Haha, its a surprise for him as he did say he want no birthday related thingie during the event. Well, the Nuffies love him so much until they ignore him and go along to throw him a birthday surprise. Read his entry here.

"Whatever it was I made it very clear to Robb that this was going to be a
Nuffnang Tiger party and not my birthday party soI told him to
make sure there was no birthday related thing or anything"

    Ah well, I didn't cover every single segment of da event due to pics shortage. I can just keep on leeching pics but then again alot of people posted about it already. Try typing "standout" into the innit search box and it will give you this. So yea, with my limited photos and all, I guess I shall end this post here. lol...

Posted at 01:29 pm by Josh524

June 24, 2009   10:58 PM PDT
Jess - Very short lor bi... Bloggin mind blocked I guess...

Jackie - Haha, you are very welcome. ^_^
June 19, 2009   11:09 PM PDT
haha thx promoting my blog here XD

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