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Friday, June 26, 2009

    Hello people. Puckpuck iz invading here again. As promised, here iz the full coverage of my Mummy Jessie and her roomie Eve's birthday bash. My mummy was being treated like a celebrity that night. Once she did the grand entrance thingie, the two official photographer, Zhao and Ken keep on snapping pics of her just like paparazzi!

Wah... My mummy so hot

This is part of the gang who met up for the first SS gathering

    My daddy came back all the way from Singapore the day before the birthday bash. They met up the day before and that's when Daddy handed me over to mummy. See see, my parents sweet or not?

    Its really a night of mayhem with all the jie jie and kor kor getting high, some drunk, some forgotten what they said/did when they are high/drunk. Looks scary but I guess thats how grown ups people party? See see, everyone was like old friends even though they just met and they were having tons of fun!

See see, I am not lying right? I wonder when iz my turn? ^_^

    After some warm up drinking,all the jie jie and kor kor challenge each other to bottoms up. I notice this Carter kor kor, is a heavy drinker. I heard from them that he finished up 20+ glasses of liquor! Oh, one more thing... He leaves the club holding his glass and nobody stop him! Fuah, this kor kor damn yeng lor.

The very yeng Carter kor kor with his bottoms up challenge again ^_^

    I noticed that liquor also can make people who dunno how to dance turn into dancing kings and queens. Neh, my daddy is one of the perfect example. He went to the dance floor only after he downed a couple of glasses.

See my daddy expression? I guess he's almost high

    Since mummy is one of the birthday girl, she got alot of bottoms up challenges from her friends. Eve jie jie konk-ed when the clock just strike midnight. Leaving my poor poor mummy to handle all the bottoms up challenge. Later, my mummy face turns red, redder than the my heart's red.

Pssst... This is not the reddest XP *prays that mummy won't read this*

    After that, it was cake cutting time! I love cake! But but but, the club don't allow people to eat in the club... Still the show must go on cause what is a birthday party without a birthday cake right?

I think mummy took a nap cause she's tired from dancing

Daddy telling everyone to sing for the birthday girls

    As soon as the birthday song is finished, mummy did some cake attack on unaware kor kors. Hehe, take a look at Chris and Ah Loi kor kor's blog for more details. Well, as the saying goes... all wells end wells. BUTTTTTTTTT.... Before everyone call it a day... This bunch of kor kor was pointing at the same direction.

So I mah look at that direction AND...

Evelyn Jie Jie fell down!!!

    They help the poor poor Eve Jie up. And everyone starting to clear the club. It was a nice birthday bash! Although I was not officially invited, but I am happy to see everyone partying so hard and having fun! Especially the 2 birthday girls. So, here's my present to the birthday girls.

Lots of love from Puckpuck!

Puckpuck signing off

Posted at 09:51 pm by Josh524

June 30, 2009   08:45 AM PDT
Chris Thoo - need a tissue to wipe off your sweat?

EV@yenniedoll - Cuter than Red Tard? Haha

jac - YES! Everyone says so ^_^

jackie - Puckie rhymes with Jackie le... XP

panda - Hor hor hor, sounds like what?

Jess - You are welcome hon. ^_^
June 27, 2009   12:38 PM PDT
puckpuck? sounds like eerrrrr.....nvm... :p
June 27, 2009   08:10 AM PDT
hhaha cute pukie! =P
June 27, 2009   02:06 AM PDT
omg soooo cute the puck puck!!
June 26, 2009   11:08 PM PDT
awww, puck puck so cuteeeeee

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