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Saturday, July 11, 2009
The INNIT Apprentice: Chapter 1

    Greetings everyone. I am Joshie Slump, the executive writer and host for this play play prestigious Innit Apprentice. With me are Cwis da duduman and Jessie my honeybi as my assistants. As much as I would like to say they will be my eyes and ears for the upcoming few weeks, the truth is they won't be doing much except than gaining a few hits back for their blog.

From left to right: Cwis, Joshie and Jessie

    I guess everyone read the introduction for the INNIT Apprentice here. To summarize it, 10 bloggers with fake succesful career will be divided into 2 teams. They will go against each other in tasks. The losing team will face me in the blogroom, where somebody will be fired. As for the team arrangement, I have decided to make this a dudes VS girls competition.

Team DUDES consist of (clockwise from center)
Tze Lih, Isaac, Nigel, Jackie and Bernard

   Why DUDES? DUDES is the short form for "Don't Underestimate D Existence of Superman" Why Superman? No... Its not because of they wear red undies all the time. Why so? Don't ask me why. This is suppose to be a joke. So laugh now. Else don't read on cause it will be lame all the way.

Team GIRLS consist of (clockwise from center)
Christine, EV, Agnes, Diese and Vox

   Why GIRLS? You just have to ask don't you? Aside from them being girls, GIRLS mean "Go Immediately to Robin's Lab Steadily". Don't ask me why not Batman... If its Batman, it would be GIBLS instead of GIRLS. So that stay as it is cause Joshie Slump says so.

   Here's the twist, I have change my mind. There won't be any blogger rep for each team. The team win together as a team. The winning team will be able to stay for another task, while from the losing team will be fire. Cutting off the craps, here is the first task.



   Teams must attract as much vote as they can in 5 days time. The format of the voting should be like this "I vote for (whoever) from (Team DUDES/GIRLS) because..." Here's an example for everyone.

Puck Puck is here for the demonstration

   The winning team will be judge on voters comments creativity, amount of votes generated for individual and teams. Leave down a comment with a valid blog URL or else the vote is consider invalid. So to all the candidates, go ahead and ask for as many blogging friends as you can to vote for you.

   AND NO... the fake succesful career ppl can't vote in any way. Yes, I am fussy. So what you gonna do about it? I am Joshie Slump after all.

Posted at 10:47 pm by Josh524

Isaac Wong
July 21, 2009   11:54 AM PDT
I wonder what's with the respond. Hmm... perhaps each candidate must do something about it as well? Haha
July 16, 2009   10:48 PM PDT
Lut's Dream - Haha, maybe there won't be a Chapter 2 judging from the response.

EV@yenniedoll - Nobody vote for anyone. lol
Lut's Dream
July 11, 2009   11:17 PM PDT
haha ..this is a very good idea , cant wait chapter 2 :)

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