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Thursday, July 30, 2009
Kobe Bryant Asia Tour 2009

    About a week ago, a NBA Superstar came down to Singapore. The winner of four NBA Finals and fresh off his first ever Finals MVP award. Yeap, you guess it, he is the Black Mamba! Or better known as Kobe Bryant to everyone out there.

The tix to catch Kobe in action

    Nuffnang was giving away 20 pairs of tickets through their twitter site, here. I didn't enter it, but Ven did. And she won a pair of tix! Guess who she invited along?

Me of course. Bwahahahaha ^_^

    We got the 10th row from the front together with HP and some of his friends. 10th row is very very close to the court. How close? What bout "I-can-sneak-into-the-dressing-room" kind of close? ^_^

View from our seats

    There's a pre-match between the Singapore Select and ASEAN Select before Kobe's appearance. Apparently, we went in late and the match is almost over. Don't really have an idea who's who as the jersey only have the numbers and not the names. ASEAN Select won the game.

Red is the Singapore team, white is the ASEAN team.

    And the moment we are all waiting for, Kobe's arrival! Prioir to his arrival, there's a STOMP-like performance and everyone was yelling, screaming or shouting yelling out for Kobe Kobe Kobe just before his grand entrance. Then, JENG JENG JENG!

Fireworks on the stage to welcome...


    A short Q&A session with the emcee and then Kobe proceed on to give guidance to a selected 20 young players. Too bad all the action are on the other side of the court from where I am sitting.

Kobe observing the players drill

Eventually giving guidance to them

Turnaround jumper by Kobe

    Kobe came for about an hour, then its already over. He throwed/passed/kicked some basketball to the crowd as a souvenir. I myself is one of the people there who acted like a monkey to get his attention to "kick his balls" towards our direction. Sadly I couldn't get hold of his balls. Tongue

The last photo of him before he kick the balls

A group photo before we head home

Posted at 08:30 pm by Josh524

August 2, 2009   10:39 PM PDT
Jessie - Nolar... He kick his fellow organizer's balls. AHAHA...

Ahem... So you are saying that if I have a bad hair day then die d? >_<

And yes... Thats you cos its my laptop wallpaper. ^_^

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