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Saturday, August 01, 2009
The final instalment of Artistry

    Missed out on all the past Artistry event this year, so how can i afford to miss the finale!? The usual arrive-register-enter procedure applies. But this time around, it was a bit different. After the registration, we took photos in the arrival area. When i mentioned photos, I mean tons of photos!

*Pssssst, most of the photo are stolen from Jessie*

Do Re Mi? Mi Re Do? Tongue

Me and Jessiebi at the main entrance

    Did I mention that the decoration there is fabulous? It looks like a real club instead of a stadium! There's turntable, bar counter and free flow of Hennessy. I will let the photos do the talking.

Cool right?


    The free flow of Hennessy is definitely da bomb! We drank glass after glass, challenge one another to bottoms up and from there onwards you know who is a good drinker and who's not.

Example of a not-so-good drinker.

Mini SS gang pic

With Zhao & Wai Ken, all ex-Notts

With Adele the crazy Archuleta fan-c ^_^

    The night just keeps on getting better and better with the artist from all over the globe performing. There's One Buck Short, Ying Yang Twins, Dominique Tsai, Joe Flizzow, Mr. Sam, DJ Milanka, Homies and of course Fatman Scoop! All the performer photos are credit to Nigel. ^_^

Hottie alert! Dominique Tsai doing her thing~

Fatman Scoop is... HUGE!!!!

Eric "Kaine" Jackson on one end,

DeAngelo "D-Roc" Holmes on the other

    Its back to more partying and drinking after some jumping and screaming our hearts out in support to the artists. Not to forget that there's some scandalous moment around but sorry people no photos of that. ^_^

Kennysia in da house!

Another group photo in da house!

Me, Jessiebi, Jacque and Alex ^_^

Yam cha after the event~

    It was a fun event overall. Met some bloggers for the first time and I won't be listing down the names cause I am 100% sure I will miss out at least one or two names. Drop by these blogs too as they have updated bout the event as well. ^_^

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*should have bring along a camera*

Posted at 03:08 pm by Josh524


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