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Thursday, August 20, 2009
Joining the mask gang

    Yeah, I finally gave in and decided to join the mask gang. What mask gang you ask? Neh, lately alot of people wearing mask because of the H1N1 flu.

Even small kids wear mask...

    Why only now I decided to join in the crowd while people started wearing mask long ago? Because... I didn't wear it for fear that some H1N1 virus will go into my nostril. Its the Chinese Ghost Festival!!! No, wearing a mask is not some superstitious way to keep ghost away. You do know that people burn joss paper, incense and stuff to the dead during this time?

Yeah, things like this...

    Since there's alot of Chinese people around my neighbourhood, the amount of smoke is so much more compare to other places. There's smoke  smell when I am walking back from the bus station. Smoke smell while I am walking up the stairs. Smoke smell when I online in my room. YES!!! IN MY ROOM!!! So what else can I do other than put on a mask?

So damn weird to wear a mask in da room...

Posted at 06:37 pm by Josh524

August 31, 2009   04:40 PM PDT
Jessie - Changed pic d, hee. NOT MESSY AT ALL!!! Grrrr...

Jacquelyn - *pssst* not ownself buy wan, so if got then use only lor. XP

wen pink - just like the GI JOE Ninja? Haha...

Amanda - Where got terrorist... This is call yeng. XP

CWKen - Hahaha, I too laugh again when I look back at the pic.

Isaac Wong - Hoi what pervert... Ish...

viNcEable - Haha, you mean your room is full with smokes too? *high 5* ^_^
Isaac Wong
August 20, 2009   10:48 PM PDT
Your last picture looks so pervert. -_-"
August 20, 2009   10:35 PM PDT
LOL damn funny the last pic haha
August 20, 2009   10:25 PM PDT
lol you look a little like a terrorist XD
August 20, 2009   09:23 PM PDT
why ur mask looked so thin one! sure kenot function properly one lorr =p

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