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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Finally I have the chance to =====>

    PLAY PS2!!! YES!!! MY PS2! Wahahaha... It was collecting dust for like... OVER A YEAR ALREADY?!??!?!? How I got it and why did I left it at the corner for 1 year untouched?

My PS2 ^_^

    Well, my sister won this in a creative signature contest last year. Being the only person in the family who is a gaming fanatic, she gave it to me. Hehe... Well, thats the good news...

Closed up on PS2

    The bad news is  that it is an ORI console, means it can only play ORI games. ORI games is damn $$$ and damn limited. So I have to get it modded before I am able to play it. Well, stuffs happened and only last month my sis's BF get it modded for me.

Even more closer
    I borrowed a few games from a friend of mine. First game for my PS2? Metal Slug 4. Its a typical walk around and shoot here & there game. Simple and fast to complete since I haven't get myself a memory card.

The characters available

    Besides the character appearance, there is not much different between them. You will lose a life if you get bombed/shooted/sniped/zombified/stabbed/etc and you are only given TWO pathetic life. BUT the unlimtied continues made up for it. Hehe...

Shock sendiri while playing

Finally completed

    It takes me 40mins++ to complete this game. I am still not satisfy with such a short gaming time!!! I tried another adventure game as well. BUT without a memory card I can' proceed much...  I MUST get a memory card soon!!!

Posted at 12:25 am by Josh524


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