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Monday, August 31, 2009
G-Force Movie: The Characters

    Now, I bet alot of people like to watch action movies. All those cool secret agents armed with great gadgets going against the bad guys.

Yeap, pretty much like these guys

    Now imagine, combining those cool secret agents, gadgets and gizmo with something cute. Say something like a hamster or guinea pig?

A guinea pig like this perhaps?

    Ya, its something different I know but it does stand out from the crowd. Imagine cute lil guinea pig playing the role of government agents. Never heard of it before right? Well, not until recently. Disney have come up with yet another exciting movie, G-Force.

The movie poster

    G-Force tells the story of how 4 guinea pig with the aid of a mole trying to save the world. Visit this site to get more info about the movie. Let's take a look at the cute lil rodents that will be invading cinemas near you.

Yeap, these are the cute lil agents

    Agent Darwin, the team leader. For those that can't read the "Trivia" part, he's an expert in video game, girls want him, hamsters want to be him and founder of the original Rat Pack. I am guessing Rat Pack is the name for his team.

Introducing, Agent Darwin

    Next up is Agent Blaster, the bomb expert for the team. Have a great explosive personality, puts the G in G-Force and two pounds of nasty... I am guessing two pounds of nasty stink-bomb, but catch the movie to find out exactly what he's referring to. ^_^

Enter the Agent Blaster the Demolitioner

    The first impression towards Agent Hurley? Well, the happy-go-lucky rodent of the team? He can't stand stomach injustice, all gut, no glory and puts the PIG in guinea pig. Now I really do think that he's the most easy going out of the bunch. ^_^

Agent Hurley, the Civilian Communicator

    The one and only female rodent of the team, fluent in English, Spanish and Guinea, "Danger Maria Rosa Conchita" is her middle name, and the brain of the team. Now thats what I call a total package rodent.

Don't mess with Agent Juarez the martial arts expert

    The odd one out of the bunch, the mole who is an expert in underground operatoins, blind to danger and live to the quote "U.G.L.Y. He ain't got no alibi"(I guess?) I am thinking that he only provid the information and support while the rest are the one doing the frontline job.

Agent Speckles, the cyber intelligence

    After going through all the team members, I got to say that Agent Juarez is my favourite character. She kicks ass, got the brain and a very cool Spanish name! Looking forward to watch her doing some Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee or Matrix stunt.

My favourtie character, Agent Juarez

    Do you want to catch the movie earlier than the official release date? Well, Nuffnang is giving away 50 pairs of movie tickets to fellow Nuffnangers, click here for more details. Last but not least, do remember to...

Catch G-Force in cinemas

4th Sep 2009!!!

Posted at 04:11 pm by Josh524

September 17, 2009   08:12 PM PDT
Jessie - Its a nice show mar. XP I like this show more than FD4. AHAHAHA. *muackss muacksss*

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