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Sunday, September 13, 2009
i dont update my blog one. i action thats why!

Ohaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii peoples

 who used to read my blog and/or is reading this now. Don't worry I'm not dead. I'm just really busy lately and right now I'm at the PC fair getting some goodies for myself and the family and of course, something for my gurl.

Nyahaha Wink

Oh and also randomly, I love to make uglyfuck faces whenever my girlfriend wants to camwhore with me properly one. Because it's just my nature to make her angry.

And I think I look like a chimpanzee in that photo

Jess always thinks she's more handsome than me

Anyhoos, I just bought myself a Canon Ixus 100 camera just so I can accompany Jess when she goes around shooting or even camwhore with my handsome self. New age man must camwhore one. Yippee yaya I sound so ghey.

Because it ain't me again. LOL
and I love green apple lately

Love ya!
xx - Jessie

You had a really bad day today huns, so I thought I might surprise ya a lil. Nono angers? Big Smile


this post is brought to you by

josh524.blogdrive.com to start back
his bloggin mojo again*

<3 <3

Posted at 03:47 pm by Josh524

September 17, 2009   08:11 PM PDT
gregorule - Ew, macam gorilla lar. XP

vox - I DIDN'T WRITE THIS! Ur jie wrote this!!! She pretend to be me. XP

Ying Zi - Nononono, Jess is sweet. She wrote this, not me. ^_^

spectre - Where? Can't see wan. XP

soon seng - Ya betul. Teramat romantic. XP
soon seng
September 14, 2009   09:58 PM PDT
bagus, bagus.. sangat romantic.
September 14, 2009   08:58 AM PDT
offer josh a banana !
Ying Zi
September 14, 2009   01:42 AM PDT
Awww,Josh is so sweet!
September 13, 2009   10:21 PM PDT
Seriously, i don't get a single thing you just wrote lo except that you bought a camera to camho~ then say pei jie~ LOL

*chimpanzee so cute like that wtf*
September 13, 2009   04:21 PM PDT
LOL~ nice face!~ XD

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