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Thursday, September 17, 2009
Weekend getaway with me love ^_^

Public Transport to town = $3

Sakae Sushi lunch for two = $40

A weekend getaway with your loved one =


    Yup, you guessed it. Jessiebi came down for the weekend! Needless to say, we had a great weekend together. We were given the chance to stay in a very luxurious hotel located in the city center itself! Guess what hotel it is? ^_^

Its Conrad Centennial Singapore!

    We proceed to the reception for the check in procedure. Our room is on the 30th storey, the hotel's second highest level. Upon entering our room, there's only one word that can describe our feeling. AMAZED! At only a STANDARD ROOM! I wonder how much better an executive room will be. Spent some time looking around, admiring the nice view and basically just stunned for a few seconds more. We then left the room for our lunch at Sakae Sushi.

The view from our room all the way 30 levels down.

HUGE flat screen TV, DVD player, study table.

A higher than usual King size bed, with the option to
choose the pillow of our choice

There's a minibar in the room too! And you know what?

There's a duckie provided in the bathroom!!! Now that's a
new thing to me.

    After lunch, we went back to the hotel to chill before our next destination. To our surprise, there's a mystery guest entered our room. He is waiting there... With a box on one hand... A card on the other. Sitting on the bed silently waiting for us to be back... Guess who it is?

None other than the Hotel bear with
a box of chocolate and a welcome card!

    I thought the welcome card is suppose to be there even before we check in? Hmmm... Anyway according to Jessiebi, bear and chocolates are always a girl's soft spot. I couldn't agree more. We enjoyed the chocolate even though our stomach are still full with Unagi, soft shell crab and variety of sushi. You do know what chocolates are capable of right? No?

They make people go HYPERACTIVE!!! Wheeee~~~

    The two hyperactive people proceed to the next location by foot.  It was a surprise initially but knowing her so well, I just had to tell her earlier. Hehe... Across the road, up and down escalators, turn left and right then TADAAAAAAAAA. We have reached our next location, the Singapore Flyer!

Pictah pictah before we get on the capsule

    Armed with her DSLR, Jessiebi took a lot of pictures while we were on the flyer. As everyone knows, she got a fetish for places with nice photography opportunity. Be sure to check out her BLOG for the update of great scenery and view pictures taken from the inside of the flyer's capsule. ^_^

Not to forget a pic of us. ^_^

Our camwhore pic. ^_^

    Later, we spent some time walking around Yakult Rain Forest just below the Singapore Flyer. After that, we made our way to the nearest McD for takeaways and return back to chill in the hotel room. We had breakfast buffet the following day at the lobby. Variety of food ranging from Chinese dim sum to Western sausage. A personal favorite of mine would be the ice cream. There's add on like chocolate rice, raisin and so on to go with the ice cream. I think I had 4 scoop of it. XP

Pardon our morning looks. XP

    After the breakfast, we still had about two hours or so before the check out time. We went back to the room, chit chat and relax before we head back to my place. A great weekend indeed .^_^

I had lots of fun with you me love. ^_^

Posted at 07:50 pm by Josh524

October 3, 2009   12:00 AM PDT
Nigel - cos u leave me first... U go two-timing when I am not around. =P

Chris Thoo - hahaha, I feel you dude.

Ying Zi - Thats what ppl call by morning looks mar. lol... And yeah, 30th floor looking down is super nice!

CWKen - Hoi hoi hoi, wat 3 person? U see 3rd person in the pic? Dun scared me le...

TOLANIC - Awww. thanks!

Jac - Aiyo, dun jeles. Remember the plushie affair? XP

renaelyng - Hee, thank you!

Kristin - Actually, the hotel room is cheaper than the normal rate. So, I didn't really spend alot. ^_^
October 1, 2009   03:58 PM PDT
awwww so sweet! ;)
October 1, 2009   12:13 AM PDT
so sweet oneeeee.

sigh make single ppl like me jeles only :(
September 30, 2009   11:21 PM PDT
wat to do, ur gf like to potong ppl's stim ma, duwan ppl to surprise her XD

walau 3 person in 1 nice hotel bedroom, u sure u din do stuff ar? hahaha XD

just jk btw :p
Ying Zi
September 30, 2009   10:30 PM PDT
Wah,u 2 de morning.... HAHAHAHA! And yeap,the view is very nice!!
September 30, 2009   11:46 AM PDT
Nolar, u dun look fat lar! U iz imagining thing. ^_^ *duccles*

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