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Thursday, October 08, 2009
Uniquely Singapore

    No matter what kind of a person you are, Singapore will always have a spot on for you. If you are a food person, Singapore's wide range of food from traditional local dishes to fine dining will give you a headache to decide what to eat. For shopaholics, there's at least 15 shopping centers along Orchard Road, not to mention there's big malls all over the island. For night life peeps, Clarke Quay have a variety of clubs and pubs to offer. There's Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park for animal lovers.

    With almost everything available on the smallest island in Southeast Asia, how can anyone not want to visit Singapore? Singapore have a lot to offers in term of places of interest. The public transport and the security are pretty good, thus it will be a safe place for tourist to travel to. The most important thing is that they have a tourist info counter located all around the hot spot in Singapore. Now that's a lot of reason WHY I just had to visit Singapore. ^_^

    I did my fair share of research, and if given the chance for a 1 day tour in Singapore, these are the must go, must eats and must dos.

Bugis Junction

    To start off the day, I would love to visit Bugis. The nearest MRT of course is the Bugis MRT itself and its located right below Bugis Junction, one of the most visited shopping centers.

Bugis Junction

    Right across the street, there's Bugis Street. (no pun intended) Unlike Bugis Junction, Bugis Street is more to selling cheaper items, accessories and souvenirs. Haji Lane, located a few block away from Bugis Street would be a nice to place to go to as well.

Haji Lane exterior

    From the outside, the buildings that stand tall along Haji Lane does not bear anything outstanding, for it only seems like an ordinary colonial infrastructure.

Inside Haji Lane's shop

    But each of this shop contains one of a kind designed clothing and accesories that is only available in one or two pieces. Definitely worth to take a look around.

Botak Jones, affordable and huge portion!

    Lunch would preferably be Botak Jones at Youth Park. Botak Jones is a Western fast food joint with a great selection selection of food at an affordable price. Have I mention that the food portion is just so big that sometimes even a dude can't finish everything on the plate? Definitely a must try for tourists.

Shopping heaven, Orchard Road

    After Botak Jones, what is the best way to digest the food faster? By doing more shopping walking of course! This time, the place to be is Orchard road. As far as I know, there's roughly about 15 shopping centers for the whole stretch of Orchard Road. Guess it will be a shopping heaven eventhough for non-shopaholic like me? Hehe...

Sakura Buffet have branches all over Singapore

    Well, for dinner I suggest to have a Japanese buffet at any outlets of Sakura. Sakura offer one of the cheapest buffet in town and with the majority food are japanese cuisine. Definitely a must dine for japanese food lover like me. ^_^

Merlion, Singapore River

    After dinner, I would love chill and chit chat with friends at the Merlion near the Singapore River. One of the best place the magnificant view of the city by the riverside. From time to time there are live band performance around the area. What's better than to chat with friends, enjoy the night scenery and having entertainment around you without needing to pay a single cent? That's killing three birds with one stone!

Clarke Quay, popular night spot

    When the clock strike midnight, Clarke Quay is the place to be. The place is full with pubs, bars and of course clubs. The best place to get some liquor while being in a lively atmosphere.

Mamak food!

    In my heart, I am still a Malaysian and people there usually hang out at mamak stall after clubbing. Singapore too have mamak stall although not as many choices compare to Malaysia. There's a pretty good recommendation about this Al-Azhar mamak stall, just across the Beauty World Shopping Center in Bukit Timah. The must try includes the Murtabak, Prata Banana and Milo Dinosaur.

    Full planning from AM to PM for the entire day. Even if I were to cover half of the places mentioned it will be a fantastic experience for me. Hanging out with fellow blogger friends from all around Southeast Asia for a day in Singapore is a once in a lifetime experience. So quickly write in, pack your suitcase, and be prepared to be among the lucky ones chosen to...

Posted at 09:13 pm by Josh524

October 20, 2009   09:53 AM PDT
Jac - You did! But we are going to see each other nevertheless. ^_^

Chris Thoo - cough cough* be careful what you wish for. XP

TS - can can no problem, you want a month also ok. Hehe
October 10, 2009   02:30 AM PDT
write in where? I want also... can u make this 2D 1N itenary for me or 8D 7N? special for me?
October 9, 2009   12:59 AM PDT
lets win this yo! go go go!

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