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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Some random facts about Dubai

    From my 8 days visit in Dubai, I got to know a lot of random facts. Here are some of the interesting ones...

    If you are driving and didn't accelerate 2 seconds after the traffic light turns green, the car behind you will honk madly.

    Apparently, 38 degree Celsius is a "nice weather day" according to the radio Deejay. Well, it does considering that the temperature can go over 40 degree Celcius I guess he's right after all.

    Most of the buildings' interior, exterior and scenery will make you go... WOW!!! Seriously, those buildings and sceneries are super duper nice!

    According to Wikipedia, beer is the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. But, all the beers available in Dubai stores/shopping center/supermarket are NON-ALCOHOLIC beverage. How can a beer be a beer if its  NON-ALCOHOLIC?

    The cheapest room in Atlantis, The Palms is AED1600, about RM1450 or SGD600. The most expensive room in The Palms? About AED30,000, equivalent to RM27,700 or SGD11,500...

    UAE's sky are so clear that I didn't see any clouds during my  visit. Or should I say there's hardly any clouds in Dubai?

    Bus stops in Dubai are equipped with air-cons. However, buses are often darn late or they speeding past the stops.

    Covering more about Dubai soon. I hope... Stay tune!

Posted at 10:46 pm by Josh524

October 28, 2009   12:15 AM PDT
Jess - Hehe, not as pretty as you me luv. ^_^

kennhyn - lol, there's no kick for me in drinking beer if there's no alcohol in it. ^_^

wen pink - BUT not as nice as London lor... XP

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