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Monday, October 26, 2009
My lappy in PMS mood...

    4 years ago, my laptop is one of the latest available in the market. 4 years later, my laptop is throwing tantrums at me... Windows Messenger appear 10 seconds later after I click on it. Photoshop program lags more often. Basically it will hangs for a moment whenever I am using 3 or more application...

My awesome lappy...
when it was bought 4 years ago. >_<

    Pssst, I am typing all this during my lunch time. Company's lappy is so much faster compare to mine... Too bad I can't use photoshop or video converter here... Else I could have finish some post already...

The Kajang Satay makan session

The Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards

My trip to Dubai

    Then there's some outing post from here and there... I can see alot of backdated post coming soon. UWARGGHHHHHHHHH!!! Anyone care to donate a brand new super duper fast lappy for me? XP

Posted at 06:53 pm by Josh524

October 28, 2009   12:08 AM PDT
Chris Thoo - You sponsor my new one? ^_^

kenwooi - Ya, its about time. ^_^

Jess - Wheeeeeeeeeeee yes it is. ^_^

soon seng - yala, didn't really blog for so long d...
soon seng
October 26, 2009   11:53 PM PDT
yes, i think you'll be having some backdated posts too..

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